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How to Protect Boot Sector from Viruses

Why need to protect boot sector from virus

Viruse is a kind of program that produces copies of itself and spead them to other programs or files, usually to destroy them. Boot sector virus is the same like thism, but it focuses on affecting your system, and stops it from booting up.

Therefore, protecting boot sector from virus is very important to your computer. However, boot sector is a system file that you can't easily move, read or even edit it. Then how can you protect it from virus? If you can find a way that can protect your system, your boot sector is protected, and this is the way that this article is going to tell below.

How to protect boot sector from virus

Before you doing anything, get a system protecting tool: Wondershare 1-Click PC Care. This program can help to protect your whole system with one click. No matter what you do or what kind of virus has attacked your computer, your system, including the boot sector will be free of damage.

Download the free trial version of the Windows protection software below now.

Download Win Version

Step1. One click to protect boot sector from Virus

After installing the program, run it on your computer and you'll get the primary interface as follow. A detailed rolling checking report about all computer issues will be displayed to let you know your PC information and status at the first time.

protect boot sector from viruses

Step2. One click to get back a safe system

Click ‘Fix Now’, and then the software will finish the tune up automatically. Actually, this program protects your boot sector from virus through a virtual system. Hence, after using your computer, you can choose to back to your real safe system. How? You only need to disable the system protection by sliding the button from "ON" to "OFF". If you've made important change of your system and want to keep it, you can choose to save it to the real system.

protect boot sector from viruses

Moreover, this program also can help to protect your folders and then contenf from reading or editing by others. Go to the "Folders Protection", you'll find it.

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Thanks for your advise, we'll see to your suggestion soon.
WTM gradually fills its buffer with data that would have been written to the hard disk. In a few days, if you aren't around and the buffer fills up, an alarm will sound for awhile and then when it does get full the computer will probably freeze and you'll have to turn the computer off by using its on/off switch. This can cause files to get corrupted and you can lose data and possibly damage system files so I that is why I don't like using WTM otherwise it is a great program. Would be nice if the programmers would address this issue with not having a limit on the buffer except perhaps the free space on the disk and then it would be an acceptable solution.
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