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How to Perform Pretec Data Recovery

Can You Help Me Retrieve Data from Pretec Flash Drive!

I bought a Pretec usb flash drive and saved some photos into it yester. Today when I inserted it to my computer, my computer asked me to format it. I do not know what happened, but I really need my videos back. Anybody can help me?

Don’t worry! Your problem is one of the most common issues that flash drive users or memory card users may encounter. And it is obviously easy to retrieve your lost data if you have a good Pretec data recovery utility.

Here is a very good one for you: Wondershare Data Recovery, or Wondershare data recovery for mac, with which you can easily retrieve data from Pretec flash drive or recover data from Pretec memory card.

Download the trial version of Wondershare Data Recover now!

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3 Steps to Process Pretec Data Recovery

By using this special designed Prectec flash drive recovery and Pretec memory card recovery tool, you will be able to retrieve a lot of lost, deleted, formatted or even corrupted files from your Pretec products, such as photos, videos, document files, etc.

Now let’s do the recovery with Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows.

Step 1 Select Recovery Mode to Start Pretec Data Recovery

Connect your Pretec flash drive or Pretec memory card with your computer and launch Wondershare Data Recover.

You’ll need to select a recovery mode first. Here let’s take “Lost File Recovery” as a try.

Note: All three recovery modes in the interface have detailed descriptions, you can read them carefully and select the one suiting you most.

pretec data recovery

Step 2 Scan Your Pretec Flash Drive or Pretec Memory Card

In this step, Wondershare Data Recovery will detect and list all hard drives on your computer, including the one for your Pretec flash drive or Pretec memory card. You just need to select it and click “Start Scan” to begin scanning for lost files.

prectec flash drive recovery

Step 3 Recover Data from Pretec Flash Drive or Retrieve Data from Pretec Memory Card

Now the tool will show all detected data in categories in the left of the Window. You can view file names, and then select files you need and click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

Note: Please do not save the restored data to your Pretec product again after the recovery.

recover data from pretec memory card

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