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Q: I saved lots of my favorite movies on my computer, and one day I formatted the partition where I stored those movies after backup. But later I found the MPG files can't be opened and there might be something wrong with the transferring. So I wondered if there is a reliable way to get back the MPG video movies.

MPG is one of the most popular video file formats, and we may save a lots of MPG files on your computer. While some problems always result in the data loss on our computer or any other devices, it is necessary to back up all the important data on a regular basis to avoid data loss.

If you have the deleted, formatted, lost or inaccessible MPG files, and you forget to copy them or the backup is inaccessible. Don't be panic as you can do MPG file recovery. Wondershare photo recovery software is designed for you to recover MPG files easily and efficiently. Download the right version of photo recovery software here, and follow the steps to recover MPG files in Windows. The steps to do it in Mac are similar.

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How to do MPG file recovery?

Firstly install and launch the MPG file recovery software. Make sure that the storage medium is well connected to your computer. This software supports you to recover MPG videos from different devices like USB driver, other mass storage devices and the internal hard driver etc.

MPG recovery

Step 1: Select the partition where you MPG files lost from

From the list of logic drives here, choose the one partition from which your lost MPG files locate, and then click the "Scan" button to start scanning.

recover MPG

Note: Select the "Filter Options" to pick out MPG format only, as this function helps you to decrease the scanning time and efficiently find the lost MPG files. Next, click the "Scan" button.

recover MPG files

Step 2: Find the lost MPG files

When the scan is over, the lost MPG files will be listed in the folders as you can see from the left side of the image below. Choose those you want to recover. Next, click "Recover".

recover cr2


1. Type the file name or filter the search results to precisely find your lost MPG files in a short time.

2. You can "pause" or "stop" during scanning process when you get the lost MPG file and want to rectrieveit immediately. Then you can continue the scanning process if needed.

3. Click "Save Scan" button to save the scanning result so that you are able to continue recovering of MPG files at any time as you like.

Step 3: Select the local folder to save the MPG files 

Select a local folder where you are going to save the recovered MPG files, and then click "Recover". Here we highly recommend you to select other locations from your source partitions where you loss the MPG files.

MPG recovery

Here it is, finally your lost MPG files go back together again! Further more, this software supports you to recover not only videos, but also photos and music on various different devices.

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