How to Merge Partitions without Data Loss

How to merge the Hard Disk Drives partition without deleting any data?
I have made 7 partitions to my HDD and now I need only 4, so is it possible to merge 3 partitions into 1 without formatting or deleting data, because all the partitions are somewhat full and I don't want to lose the data. -- Arnold

There is such a way to merge partitions quickly and easily without any data loss! With a disk manager, you are free to back up the whole partition files separately and then delete the partition and remove the space to another one, and then put your backup files in. Here let's take Spotmau PowerSuite 2011 - Disk Management to combine partitions.

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After running the program on your PC, enter Disk Management and hit Start Partition Genius to begin your partition merging work.

merge partitions

Simple 3 hits to complete the partition combination::

  • 1. Select a disk and a partition that you want to merge with another partition.
  • 2. Click Partition Management > Merge.
  • 3. Hit the Merge option you want.

If you want to merge the partition of external hard disk, connect your device with the computer and find it in the Disk List of the program. Then the left work is the same as above. When the task finished, the contents of the partition you want to merge will be moved into a folder within the other partition. And you are allowed to merge partitions that are next to each other, or the option is unavailable. Partitions are ordered with the name letter on this Disk Management program.

Do not merge two operating system partitions or two compressed partitions.
Merge two adjacent NTFS partitions, they must be the same version type and have the same cluster sizes.

The New Technology File System (NTFS) is accessible by Windows NT/XP/2000/Vista. NTFS adopts clusters to save data files; however, the clusters'size doesn't depend on the size of the partition or disk. A cluster size that is as small as 512 bytes can also be specified, no matter whether a partition is 5 GB or 500 MB. Using small clusters not only helps you decrease the wasted disk space's amount, but reduces the fragmentation of files, a condition where files or data are broken up among many noncontiguous clusters, leading to a slower file access to file. Because it's able to use small clusters, NTFS does very well on large drives.

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yeah or you can just do it in disk manager in windows without downloading anything the wording may be different 1 right click "my computer" 2 "manage" 3 storage - "disk management" 4 right click the partition used for linux distro or whatever 5 "extend volume" 6 alternatively if you don't need the data on any partition "delete volume" twice and "extend other partition to take over the cleaned space
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