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How to recover data from memory card with memory card recovery tools online

Currently, there are numerous online memory card recovery tools that have flooded the industry. With such stiff competition, companies are trying to out-compete each other in order to have a sufficient share in the market. With many companies claiming that their products are high quality, be keen when dealing with these products. Look out for the best and reliable online memory card recovery tool to help you retrieve your files.

Problems encountered when using memory card

  1. Inability of the card being recognized by the computer, digital camera or cell phone.
  2. Loss of data as a result of the memory card being connected to an infected computer.
  3. File copying problem. Sometimes moving programs or data from old card to a new one may be a problem due copyright protection.

Is there any online memory card recovery tool?

Yes, there are various online memory card recovery tools. The most common online data recovery tools include

i. 7-Data Recovery Software


ii. card recovery pro


iii. PhotoRec


iv. Recover My Files software


Disadvantages of using online tools to recover your private data

Even though online tools do an awesome work of recovering lost data, the tools also have some drawbacks on the other hand. Here are some of the limitations of using online tools to recover your private data.

  • a. Security and privacy of the data. When talking of private or vital data and the Internet, the question of privacy and security of data comes to mind. Confidential and sensitive information can be leaked thus putting a company or individual into jeopardy.
  • b. Limited control by the user. The user has less control of the execution and the function of both the hardware and the software since the services and the application are offered online.
  • c. Vulnerability of data. Online tools are vulnerable to hackers and malicious users. If the machine that is used to store data suffers security breach or attack, it can lead to leakage of information of many individuals.

The best alternative to online card recovery softwares

There are many data recovery software that have flooded the market. The question is which software is the best and reliable for data recovery? Wondershare Data Recovery (for Mac) has over time proven to be the best and effective software for recovering data. The software is professionally designed to allow for ease and fast speed in recovering data. It has four recovery modes; lost file recovery, raw recovery, resume recovery and partition recovery.

Wondershare Data Recovery is not only used to recover data but also photos, message, archives, music files and videos. Moreover, this powerful software can be used to recover data loss due to various reasons including formatting, virus invasion, and improper usage of the device, intentional or unintentional deletion.

Data recovery is quick and you can preview your files before recovering. Wondershare is the best package for you, since it supports various formats and offers a free trial option for you.

How to recover deleted or lost files using Wondershare Data Recovery

To recover your lost files, download Wondershare Data Recovery either for Windows or Mac option basing on your computing device. Install and start to run it on your computer. Do not install the software on the disk or card where you lost our files. Here are guiding steps to help you recover your deleted files

Step 1 Select the recovery mode

 Run the program and select the Standard mode. You may prefer to use Wizard recovery mode.  For all your lost files due to deletion and clearing the recycle bin use Lost File Recovery. partition recovery revives all lost data associated with partitioning. If the two modes fail use the Raw File recovery to revive all folders on your Sd card without any signatures. If you had paused the recovery you will click on Resume recovery.


Step 2 Select the file types

 Here, select the file types you wish that they be recovered. You can also select All file types if want all the files to be retrieved. Click on Next button on the bottom right to proceed with file recovery.


Step 3 Select the location

Show the location where you lost your files. You can select the Whole computer if you are not sure where your files were deleted. Click on Next dialogue box to continue.


Step 4 Scan for lost files

At this step you can Enable Deep Scan, Raw File Recovery or you can just ignore and click Start. To recover files lost due to formatting select Deep scan. But if you intent to retrieve files lost a while ago Raw File Recovery will work best.


Step 5 Preview and recover lost files

Preview the scan results and check whether all the files you wanted back have been recovered. The scan results are displayed in terms of file types and the pictures can be seen. Select specific files you desire to be restored and then click on Restore dialogue box.


All the selected files will eventually be restored after a few minute. The recovered files should not be saved in the previous location where file loss occurred.

Supported card types and file types by Wondershare

Wondershare Data Recovery supports various files formats. However, the few file type it supports include:

  1. Video
  2. Audio
  3. Message and email
  4. Photo
  5. Archives
  6. Documents

Some of the card types supported by Wondershare include

  • a. Zip disk


  • b. Multimedia card (MMC)


  • c. Compact Flash card (CF)


  • d. Secure Digital card (SD)


The bottom line is there are many online memory card recovery tools. Tools are advantageous since the help recover vital files. However, online tools are limit in terms of security of private data due to hackers and malicious users.

They're downloading

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

(Recover lost files)

Recover files in 550+ formats from your computer storage quickly, safely and completely.

Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery

(Recover photo and video)

A professional tool specially designed to recover photos, videos and audio files from storage devices.

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