How to Fix Invalid Partition Table

If the master boot record on your PC becomes damaged in some way, either through download problems or by viral infection, this is not such a big deal as long as your hard drive is still intact. The master boot record (MBR) can easily be repaired by performing a simple procedure. If the partition table is bad, it will play havoc with the PC.

Your PC searches for the master boot record the moment it is booted up, which will then tell the BIOS which partition on the hard drive contains the operating system. If the MBR has unfortunately sustained damage, then it won't be able to do this and the errors displayed may include something like 'error loading OS', 'partition table invalid' or ‘invalid partition table'.

To fix invalid partition table,  Wondershare LiveBoot 2012  can be used to rectify this situation, repairing the master boot record so that it points correctly to the partition containing the OS. There are several procedures for fixing MBR problems, but they can be complicated and tricky unless you're familiar with the workings of PC software. The Wondershare PowerSuite Golden greatly simplifies this task, and you won't have to enter partition numbers, use a recovery disc that many people don't have handy in any case, or find the administrator password. Invalid Windows partition table Windows XP errors can be sorted easily with Wondershare LiveBoot 2012.

invalid partition table

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 will sort out problems that are known to occur in them. Simply insert the Wondershare LiveBoot bootable CD or usb drive into the drive and restart the computer. The system will then reboot using the CD/USB and a simple display will allow you to fix problems by following the instructions.

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