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how to recover data from external hard disk Not Detected

1Can I Recover Data If Hard Disk is Not Detected?

I have a Western Digital external hard drive that is not detected by Windows anymore. When I plug it in, the hard drive does not show up on "My Computer" but it does show up on Disk. I know there is something wrong with my hard disk. But I do need my data on that hard drive. Can I do it?

Well, your drive can still be recognized by your computer. But when you attempt to access it, some error messages like “The drive cannot be accessed”, “The drive is not formatted” or “Raw drive is not initialized” will be popped up on your screen. The reason why the error happens can be different, and the most common one is that there is a corrupted sector on your hard drive or the MBR of your drive is corrupted.

So, how to recover data from external hard disk not detected? It is certainly possible if your hard drive can be recognized by your computer, though it can’t be detected or accessed. Wondershare Data Recovery, or Wondershare data recovery for mac is almost the best option for you to recover data if hard disk is not detected. You can use it to recover almost all kinds of lost files from partitions on your hard disk easily, including pictures, audio files, videos, document files, etc.

Download a trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery to recover data from hard disk not detected now!

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23 Steps to recover data from external hard disk Not Detected

Now let’s do the recovery with Windows version of Wondershare Data Recovery. Mac users can follow the similar operation to process the recovery.

Step 1. Select recovery mode to recover data from hard drive not detected

After launching Wondershare Data Recovery on your computer, you can see the program as the image below.

Here let’s choose “ partition recovery” mode to start.

how to recover data from external hard disk not detected

Step 2. Scan your external hard drive to look for partitions on it

Now you need to select your hard drive and hit on “Next” button to search partitions on it.

how to recover data from external hard disk not detected

Here all partitions on your external hard drive will be displayed, and you just need to select the partition that you are about to recover data from and click “Start” to scan for data on it.

recover data if hard disk is not detected

Step 3. Recover Data from Hard Disk not Detected

When the scan is over, all recoverable data will be listed in program window. You can check how many of your lost files can be recovered by viewing file names.

Then you just need to mark files you need and click “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

recover data from hard disk not detected

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3What If External Drive Cannot be Recognized or Detected…?

The possible reasons for this issue can be physical damage, outdated Windows driver, bad sectors, etc. If trying another computer can’t solve this problem, you are highly suggested to send your drive to a device repair services.

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