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How to Perform FUJI Photo Recovery (FUJI FinePix HS10/HS11)

1Common situations causing image loss from FUJI cameras

1. Accidentally deleted photos from your FUJI cameras without any backup.

2. Mistakenly formatted your FUJI camera memory card and lost all photos.

3. Affected with virus, which killed all of the pictures stored on the memory card.

4. The photo transfer failed and original photos have been emptied.

2How to perform FUJI photo recovery (FinePix HS10/HS11)

If you happen to suffer from one of above troubles, you'd better recover photos from FUJI digital camera as soon as possible, and stop using your camera to get the biggest ratio of success to recover your lost images. The trick of performing FUJI photo recovery is to find a right recovery program among lots of tools with different qualities on the market.

Wondershare Photo Recovery is such a FUJI photo recovery software you might be looking for. Besides recovering lost images from Fuji digital camera, it also can recover lost photos from other camera brands such as Panasonic, LG and recover deleted pictures from Canon EOS. The easy-to–use and user-friendly interfaces let you do lost image recovery without any difficulties. If you are Mac users, turn to Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac.

Download and try the free trial version of the FUJI camera photo recovey tool now.

download-btn-win download-btn-mac

Next, let's use the Windows version to perfrom FUJI camera photo recovery together.

Step1. Connect your FUJI camera to the computer

Before doing anything else, connect your FUJI camera to the computer and make sure it can be detected as a drive letter on your computer. Launch the program and click "Start" to move on.

fuji camera photo recovery

Step2. Choose FUJI camera to scan

Your FUJI camera will also be detected by the program as a drive letter here. Choose it and click "Scan" to continue.

fuji camera recovery

Step3. Preview and recover FUJI camera photos

After a short time, lost photos on your FUJI camera will be found, and you can preview them one by one to check the quality. Select those you want to recover and click "Recover" to get them all back with one click.

fuji camera picture recovery

Note: Don't save the recovered data on the camera again. Find another place for it such as on the computer or other external disk, for safety consideration.

3Video tutorial of Fuji photo recovery

download-btn-win download-btn-mac

They're downloading

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The free trial version helps you to scan your camera so as to check how many of your lost pics can be recovered. If you want to recover pictures, you need to purchase the full version.
I have deleted all my pics, can i recovered it with the free trial, or do i need to buy it? Thank you.
How about connecting memory card or memory stick of your camera with your computer?
Camera will not be detected by the program as a drive letter here... now what!!!?
I'm also glad that it helped! :P
I am so happy that this was available accidentally deleted pics from homecoming last night :(. this is great information.
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