How to Fix Computer Freezes Up

Most computer users have experienced their PC suddenly freezing, locking itself and refusing to respond to any commands. This can be frustrating at the best of times. It usually means that any data you were working on will be lost, as quite often you are forced to perform a system reboot.

There are numerous causes of the computer freezing on start up, such as having the wrong versions of device drivers installed, software related problems on your PC or deeper problems within the registry and system files. They can also be the result of hardware failure.

If your computer freezes when you are starting it up, you may have too many programs running at once. Check your startup folder and eliminate any unnecessary programs from initiating during this time. You should also check the System Configuration utility to clear off any programs you don't want to start automatically and restart your PC.

When the computer screen freezes, you can try to end running programs via the Task Manager, but usually you will have to reboot and lose your current data. Depending on how often you save your work, this could have quite an impact on your productivity and lead to essential data being lost.

The issue of computer freezing may also be caused by too many hardware devices on the system at the same time. You will want to check your Device Driver to see if there are any messages about faulty devices.

Whatever the cause, the brilliant Wondershare PowerSuite Golden will quickly fix the problem and restore your PC to full and efficient working order. This powerful tool is packed with utilities for performing all the cleanup tasks you will need to keep your PC working optimally. So many things can go wrong with a PC that nobody can keep track of every minor and major error and fault code. Add fixing them, completing backups and carrying out all the other essential tasks to this, and PC maintenance can become a full time job! If the computer randomly freezes or the computer freezes when idle, let Wondershare PowerSuite Golden quickly step in to fix the issue.

Wondershare PowerSuite Golden excels at keeping the registry clean, repairing hard disk drive sectors and partition tables, tracking down and destroying malware, cloning the hard drive and thoroughly checking the PC. It is the utility of choice for keeping your PC well-maintained and reliable.

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