How to Securely Erase an SSD Drive

Is it possible to erase SSD drives?

How can an SSD drive be effectively erased, short of physically destroying them? Obviously this can be a way if you have lots of dollars or SSD drives. If you have searched online, you must have read many articles about erasing SSDs, and they say it differently. Some says it's impossible to wipe SSD disks, while some says you can do it but not easy. The point here is that you can fully erase an SSD if you select a professional and effective SSD wiper, easy and secure.

How to securely erase SSD drives?

Don't believe that the formatting can erase your SSD completely and securely. It's very easy to find a data recovery to retrieve all the formatted data from your SSD drive, and most of the recovery software possesses this function. To fully and securely erase SSD drives, you need a quite strong wiper that enables you to erase all data and make them unrecoverable at the same time. It's the honor to suggest Wondershare PowerSuite Golden 2012, a powerful but easy-to-use tool assisting you to wipe your whole SSD or partitions on SSD entirely and irretrievably.

Install this PowerSuite Golden, and run the LiveBoot 2012 on your computer. Following the instruction on the interface, you can create a bootable CD or a bootable USB in only 3 steps. Then you can boot your computer with the CD or USB.

Step1. Boot your computer from LiveBoot CD/USB

Insert the CD or USB into your computer, start it and choose to boot it from LiveBoot when you see the menu as follow.

erase ssd

Step2. Go to wipe SSD

When entering the system, launch LiveBoot and go to the "Disk management". Then choose the "Wipe Data" on the left side menu.

secure erase ssd

Step3. Start to wipe SSD

Here you can choose to "Partition Wiper" to wipe a specific partition on your SSD, or "Disk Wiper" to wipe entire SSD disk. Both of them can enable you to safely wipe your SSD data permanently and completely.

Besides this SSD wiper, Wondershare PowerSuite Golden 2012 provides more services for you such as boot up your crashed computer, fix and repair your Windows, recover your lost data, password and key, clone your disk and more. It's a real powerful but easy-to-use toolkit for every computer user.

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