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How to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drives

What is a dead hard drive?

When you find your hard disk's not responding anymore, you probably hear a few pathetic buzzing noises when you're trying to boot and then it stops and is inaccessible. In such condition, your hard disk drive might become dead.

How to recover data from dead hard drive

You can purchase a new hard disk to replace the dead one easily, but you'll lose the content forever. How can we get back the files, movies, music, photos, or even the system operation that saved on the dead hard drive? As a matter of fact, there is a way working well to perform dead hard drive data recovery.

Get a bootable disk before you do anything else, which can help you to access your computer first.  My recommendation: Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD/USB, a powerful computer bootable CD/ usb drive that can boot your computer under any situation.

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Step1. Create LiveBoot bootable CD/USB

Step one is to create a bootable CD or USB, to boot up your computer. You can make this on another computer.

When launch LiveBoot, you'll get the wizard interface as follow. Get your prepared blank CD or usb drive inserted to the computer, then follow the wizard and burn a bootable CD or usb drive with one click.

dead hard drive recovery

Step2. Boot your computer from LiveBoot CD/USB

Insert the bootable CD or usb drive into the computer whose hard drive is dead. Start the computer and press F12 when the computer begins starting. Then choose "Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive" to get a boot menu as follow. Here select the first one to boot from LiveBoot, which offers you a pure and safe system to retrieve data from your own system.

dead hard drive data recovery

Step3. Perform data recovery from dead hard drive

After entering the system, launch LiveBoot and you'll get the window below, with which you can recover data from your dead hard drive.

data recovery from dead hard drive

#1. Recover data from dead hard drive

If you only want to recover data like documents, music, photos, videos, etc. from your dead hard disk, you can go to "Data Recovery" to recover all these contents from your dead hard drive and save them on another disk.

#2. Recover operating system from dead hard drive

If you want to recover more contents, specially operating system files from the dead hard drive, you need to go to "Disk Management", which allows you to clone the whole hard drive to a new one, and you can boot your computer from the new hard drive with no problem.

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That's right. To recover data from dead hard drive, you need to make sure that your hard drive can still be recognized by your computer.
can live boot detect and recover data of an unrecognizable hard drive in a system. thanks love to hear from you.
Hi, Lexxonly1, sorry for the late reply. Our technical support team will contact you soon to help you solve the issue. :)
Hello, is there any customer service available today? I need a solution A.S.A.P please.
I am having this same exact problem, but Liveboot is not detecting my hard drive at all! If I format the hard drive to make it detectable, will Liveboot then be able to retrieve all of my lost data?
But what if Liveboot does not detect your hard drive, what can you do then?
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