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How to Fix Computer Freezes after Startup

Computer freezes after startup, please help!

When I start up my computer it just freezes after about 30 seconds, if I click anything it won't load an application it will just stop responding then freeze. How could I fix my computer freezes on startup Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.

The first way that you can fix this problem is using your Windows installation disk, which can help to recover your sysem error and make your computer boot up normally like usual. However, most of computers are pre-installed Windows when you purchase them, and there is no extra Windows installation disk attached. Don't worry, you can make such a Windows recovery disk by yourself, if you don't want to spend so much money on it.

3 steps to fix computer freezes on startup/boot

First of all, get a Windows recovery program here: Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD/USB. This program allows you burn a bootable disk by yourself with one click, and fix your computer freezes on boot in minutes.

You will get a download link, as well as a register code of the program from Wondershare. Download and install it on your another working computer. Then follow the steps below to create your own bootable CD or usb drive and fix your computer freeze issue in 3 steps.

Step1. Create your own bootable CD or usb drive with 1 click

Run the program on your computer, and you'll get a wizard as follow, where you can get detailed guides to create a bootable CD or USB and use it to boot your freezed computer. If you want to create a bootable CD, insert a blank CD into the computer and click the green button on the interface. Wait for a moment, and your bootable CD will be created automatically.

If you choose to create a bootable usb drive, the process will be the same as above. You only need to replace the CD with a blank usb drive.

computer freezes after startup

Step2. Access your freezed computer with the bootable CD/usb drive

Now, take out of the bootable CD or usb drive and move to your freezed computer. Insert it to the computer and restart it. When the system starts, press F12 immediately to go to the Boot Device Menu. Then click "Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive", and you'll get a boot menu as follow. Choose the option of "Boot from LiveBoot" to access your freezed computer.

computer freezes on startup

Step3. Solve your computer freezes after startup

When you get into your freezed computer, you'll get the launched LiveBoot program. Go to the "Windows Recovery", and choose "Loading Crash Solution". Here you'll get the solution for your computer freezes. Just follow the method that the program provides and perform the steps accordingly.

my computer freezes on startup

When the problem fixed, take out of the LiveBoot CD/ usb drive, and restart your computer as normal. Then you'll find that you can boot your computer successfully as normal and won't freeze on startup any more.

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