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How to clone your hard drive - Tips and Tricks

What is hard drive cloning?

Hard drive cloning also referred to as disk cloning is a process or copying the contents of one hard drive to another by adding them to an image file. The process can also be carried out directly from one drive to another but the recommended process is to make sure that the contents are first added to the image file and then that file is loaded to the other hard drive. There are many reasons of carried out this process but the most frequent one that is used in this regard is the archiving purpose.

What is the use of cloning hard drive?

The main reason as explained before is to make sure that the data is kept safe and archived for future use. It reduces the effort that is required in creating backups and then restoring the data from them as a part of DR plan. As compared to data backup the hard drive clone is also cost effective as the contents are copied using the functionalities built in within the system and third party program is rarely used in this regard. The organizations of today are of the view that they exist in a world full of cyber crimes and the problems that are related to malwares and viruses. The users who hold important data on their computer hard drives are recommended to get into the habit of hard drive cloning so that the important drivers and the configuration info remains safe and secure.  

how to clone hard drive?

The following is the process that should be followed in this regard to ensure that the end result is in line with the requirements of the users. The users of this process are also advised to make sure that the exact process is replicated to avoid any issue and data loss which could ultimately become a headache for the user in this regard.

  1. All the important data and information on to the hard drive should be backed up to make sure that data loss is prevented in relation to this process. It also makes the recovery easy if any misadventure occurs:
  2. The drive that needs a clone should be added to the computer first to make sure that the process advances:
  3. The data cloning software program is then to be installed so that the cloning process starts which can also be regarded as the core step of this process:
  4. The appropriate option is then to be selected from the interface:
  5. The source and the destination drives are to be selected. It is highly recommended to use a SATA hard drive as a destination file to make sure that large free disk space is available and issue is never faced when it comes to storage:
  6. The user can also review the settings to make sure that they are correct and accurate. It is worth mentioning that from here onwards the cloning process starts and this can be considered as a final chance to review the settings:
  7. Once the cloning process finishes the user then needs to make sure that the finish button is hit so that the process ends:

Prerequisites of cloning hard drive

Following is a list of acts that should be performed before starting the cloning process:

  1. A full data backup is to be created to avoid any loss of any file on the hard drive.
  2. The cloning should be carried out onto an external drive and this drive should be formatted to free it from any viruses or related issues.

Wondershare data recovery

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