How to Clear Internet History Permanently with 1 Click

Privacy is very important for everyone, and it's annoying if your privacy leaked out or someone stole it, even spread it. But do you know? Sometimes your privacy leaks out by yourself, and you just don't know. How? Through the Internet history. Actually each time you are using the computer, your browser automatically stores the information you are accessing as a history record, such as Internet cache, cookies, web pages, downloading list, and even the user name and passwords. When you visit them next time, the browser will respond you from the history log in less time. So you may want to clear Internet history for privacy reasons.

The simplest way to delete Internet history with only 1 click

No matter it's the Internet cache, cookies, downloading list, and it doesn't matter you are using the Internet Explorer or the Firefox browser, all the history logs can be cleared completely and permanently. What you need is a history cleaner. Here let's take Wondershare 1-Click PC Care as an example.

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This history cleaner will automatically scan to identify the existing problems on your PC, and generate related reports for each item. On the report you can get checking list of your personal privacy as the picture below:

delete internet history

The traces about your activities with the Internet Explorer, your system and applications are listed with details. And there is related advice for you to do with them. The best thing is that, you don't need to clear them one by one from your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, only one click of the "FIX NOW" button instead. Then all this history records are completely deleted from both your Internet Explorer and Firefox browser. Restart your computer and open your browser. No one can find your private information now.

Of course, you have not only deleted Internet history with this click. After restarting your computer, you'll find your computer runs faster than before. Why? 1-Click PC Care has scanned and fixed other exiting problems on your computer at the meantime, like registry protection preventing your registry away from malicious attacks, Trojan attacks and virus infection, to boost your PC performance, stability and security. Only one click, you can perform as a computer expert to revert back your computer to the original status.

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Protect your private information when selling, recycling or donating your old device.

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