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How to Recover Deleted Photos from BlackBerry Playbook

1What happens after deleting photos from BlackBerry Playbook

You've probably came to notice that the photos won't disappear immediately once you've deleted them from your BlackBerry Playbook. At most, the files will just become invisible (faded in color). Therefore, the storage space used to store the deleted photos will be marked as reusable for storing new file. At the same time, the usable space of your Playbook's memory will be larger than before.

Most importantly, can we still recover those deleted photos if we needed to? Yes, of course! In order to perform a BlackBerry Playbook photo recovery, you'll need a photo recovery tool. Try out the Wondershare Photo Recovery. It's compatible for both Windows and Mac PCs. This professional and trusted program fully supports the recovery of deleted photos from your BlackBerry Playbook. You can easily retrieve your photos in 3 simple steps.

Get the trial version of this BlackBerry Playbook photo recovery software now. Don't forget to choose the right version for your computer.

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Note: If you've captured new photos or videos with the same memory card or device, the recovery process will be more difficult and nearer to being impossible. That's because the new files will overwrite the available storage space and hence, the previous ones will be totally gone and irrecoverable.  Therefore, you'll have to stop using your Playbook once you've accidentally erased or deleted any files to avoid that situation. After that, run the recovery process as soon as possible.

2How to recover deleted photos from BlackBerry Playbook

Step 1. Connect your BlackBerry Playbook to the computer

First of all, connect your BlackBerry Playbook to your computer. Then launch the program and click Start to begin the photo recovery.

blackberry playbook video recovery

Step 2. Select and scan your BlackBerry Playbook for deleted photos

You can always adjust your Filter Options or click on Refresh Drives if they're not displayed properly on the interface. 

recover deleted photos from blackberry playbook

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted photos from BlackBerry Playbook with one click

In the Scan Results, you can preview your recovered files and then proceed to tick the ones or all that you want before hitting the Recover button.  

retrieve deleted videos from blackberry playbook

Note: Try not to save the recovered data on your BlackBerry Playbook or the memory card again. You can always save it on your computer or an external hard drive for safekeeping.

3Video tutorial of Blackberry Playbook photo recovery

You can always watch the video tutorial for a better understanding.

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They're downloading

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Photo Recovery

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only my c and d drive show up to choose when i run the software. even in ''my computer'' the playbook shows up as Z:drive but the software doesn''t list it
Sorry for that. Well, can your Blackberry Playbook be recognized by your computer? If yes, you can adjust your Filter Options or click on Refresh Drives if they''re not displayed properly on the interface. Hope it helps.
I''m stuck at step 2. It cannot find my Blackberry Playbook drive. However I can browse my BB files in windows explorer...
If you don't have a SD card inserted, it won't show up. If you have, take out the SD card and connect it to the computer with a card reader. It will work.
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