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Best Solution to Recover Data from Memory Card

Factors that could cause data loss on a memory card

When it comes to listing the issues due to which the data loss occurs then it is very difficult to make sure that all of them are listed and it is all due to their numerous number. It is also advised to make sure that the causes of the data loss are first analyzed before any step is to be taken in this regard as it would make the approach directional. In order to make sure that the issue is resolved for the user it is advised to make sure that the best option is chosen so that the recovery is never a match at all. It is also to be noted that the software programs that are available in the market should be checked based on user reviews to make sure that the needful is done. Following are however some of the factors that cause data loss:

1. Memory card issues

Memory card or any related storage device is rarely tested by the local manufacturers and it is one of the most frequent reasons for data loss. The card gets corrupt and the data is then not accessible. The users are recommended to get high end and good quality memory cards in this regard to get the issue resolved. These cards are the ones that are thoroughly tested and the best recommendation in this regard is the SanDisk that is known for making awesome memory cards.

2. Indefinite usage

The life of the memory cards is very limited and finite and it has been observed that most of the sure continue using the card even after the life span has been completed. It is therefore advised to make sure that the card is completely discarded after several years of usage. It will not only keep the data safe but will also ensure that the cards are changed at regular intervals to avoid the issue totally.

3. Carelessness

It is also one of the worst reasons that lead to this issue. The user is solely responsible for the issue and the resultant data loss. In this process the card is removed from the reader when the contents are open on the computer or any other device. Same is done when a card’s data is being transferred. It is therefore an issue that is caused due to the human error and for the same reason it is advised to make sure that the card is used with care and diligence to avoid these issues in full.

4. Compatibility issues

It is advised to format the memory card within the device for which it has been purchased and being used. If the card is formatted using the computer then the subsequent data transfer to and from the card will become slow and in some cases the card also becomes incompatible. The user should therefore make sure that the best techniques are applied in this regard to make sure that the issue of compatibility never occurs.

Accidentally deleted data

At times the data is deleted accidently and the user gets into trouble. Therefore it is advised to get the best and the state of the art memory card recovery software program that not only meets the needs of the user but also ensures that the best results are provided when it comes to recovery. The latter part of this tutorial will make sure that not only one such software program is introduced but the related process is also explained in full so that the user never gets into issues. The processes that would be mentioned will also be accompanied by the relevant screenshots and hence the process will be made even easier for the user.

Best solution to recover data from memory card

As it has been mentioned before as well that there are tens of thousands of software programs that are available online to make sure that the user gets the best and the state of the art results in this regard. However the best has just got better as the Wondershare has launched another exciting product named as Wondershare Data Recovery. This program has been exclusively developed to make sure that the user gets the best results within no time at all and also makes it possible for the novice users to get the files recovered. There are two modes of the program i.e. Wizard mode and the Standard mode which makes the program equally usable for all the users and therefore it is highly recommended. From computer crash to data loss due to hardware failure the Wondershare Data Recovery has got it all covered and recovered and the program has been regarded as one of the best to get the job done.

Free Download Free Download

How to recover data from memory card with Wondershare Data Recovery

The details of the process have been mentioned below and the user needs to make sure that the best is taken out by following the exact steps mentioned:

1. From the user needs to make sure that the program is downloaded, installed and launched so that the following interface appears:

 Best solution to recover data from memory card

2. Once the next button is pressed the user needs to make sure that the file type is selected to proceed further:

 Best solution to recover data from memory card

3. The location of the file loss is also to be specified to get the software working in the best manner:

 Best solution to recover data from memory card

4. The recovered files are then to be viewed to make sure that the user only clicks or checks those which are to be recovered and then hit the recover button:

 Best solution to recover data from memory card

Supported data types of the program

Following are the data or the file types that are supported by the Wondershare Data Recovery software program:

1. Document


2. Message & Emails


3. Photo


4. Video


5. Audio


6. Archive

ZIP, RAR, SIT, etc.

Causes of software not retrieving data from the memory card

When it comes to data recovery software programs then there are certain risks that are associated with them and due to which they are sometimes not able to retrieve the data. The normal causes are as follows:

1. Extreme physical damage to the storage device

2. Virus or malware hindering the functionality of the program

3. The tool is not being used as directed

4. The related data does not exist on the device or storage being searched.

5. The data recovery program has been installed on the damaged or target device which has overwritten the desired data completely.

What kind of data do you want to retrieve?

Mostly the users ought to retrieve the data is related to their personal use and it includes the videos, photos and the audio recordings and hence the personal data tops the list and the poll.

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