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How to Backup Your OS in Windows

Part 1Why need to backup OS in Windows?

As a computer user, backup is very important, especially those data or files that can't be reproduced. If you have stored vital files on your computer, to backup OS is useful, for you can benefit a lot from it.
• After an operating system upgrade failure, you can get it back to the previous state from your OS backup.
• When your system develops issues while you are busy work on it, you can get a quick fix to roll it back without reinstallation and go back to your job.
• If the system performance degrades, you can directly restore it to the very beginning state as a new one in a few minutes instead of reinstalling.
• When you are not sure about the hardware problem, you can restore your Windows to a previously normal situation from the OS backup. If the problem solved, then it's not your hardware's problem.
• To fix an infected OS, rolling it back to a former state is a quick and complete solution, just as you have formatted the hard drive or reinstalled your operating system, which will take you double of time.

You can benefit more from OS backup, but there is a difference between you backup OS and normal files. Backing up operating system is not only to copy and paste the files you see on the Windows folder. There are many programs, boot sectors and other hidden files you have to backup together. So the best way to backup your OS is to use professional backup software, and Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD is one of that.

Part 2How to backup OS in Windows?

This LiveBoot CD/USB provides a totally clean environment for OS backup. You can back it up safely and completely. Importantly, even you are a computer newbie, you can easily backup your OS in 3 steps without any mistake.

Get LiveBoot CD/USB here

Step1. Boot your computer from LiveBoot

Insert the LiveBoot CD or plug in LiveBoot USB into the CD-ROM drive. Start your computer and choose to boot from LiveBoot. This LiveBoot is integrated with the latest Microsoft PE 3.0 technology; it's compatible with all computers.

Step2. Run OS backup

When accessing to the Windows, the LiveBoot will be launched automatically. Then go to "Windows Recovery" and choose "Windows Backup" on the left menu, where you can begin to backup your OS.

backup os

Step3. Backup OS now

Check "System Backup" from the backup options, then choose a save path for your OS backup and input a name for the backup file. And then hit on "Backup Now" to backup your operating system.

os backup

This will take a few minutes. If you don't want to wait here, you can check the "Shutdown when finished" box and leave the backup process alone. If you want to make a good use of the backup OS, you are suggested to backup it on an external disk. Then you can use it to along with you and anywhere.

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