How to Convert ASF to MP4 on Windows and Mac?

ASF stands for advanced system formats and is a container format for Windows media audio and video files. It is a common file format for Windows media files but it is mostly not supported by software which is the major reason why you would need to convert it into another format. Although there are media players that can play ASF audio/video files directly but to handle ASF files efficiently, you need to first convert it into a friendly file format like MP4.


Part 1: Best ASF to MP4 Video Converter

Converting your video file from one format to another is quite common now days and there are several converting software packages available in the market that might offer this facility to its users. However if you are looking for best ASF to MP4 video converter, then Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the perfect software package for you! Some of the major features provided by Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate include:

  • The software supports a number of audio and video file formats for conversion. More than 150 file formats are supported by Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate.
  • The conversion rate of the software is as much as 30 times faster than its competitors in the market.
  • The converted video can be easily burned to DVD with just a button click.
  • The converted videos are optimized with your mobile devices and you can optimize it explicitly for your XBOX, PSP etc.
  • Apart from video/audio conversion, you can also edit your videos with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Some of the major editing operations like editing, trimming and rotating can be easily performed.
  • An integrated search engine along with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate enables you to search for your favorite video and download it quickly without even opening your browser.
  • The one click download feature is highly attractive for the customers. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports a number of video websites including YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo and makes it easier for the users to download videos from these websites.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 10.8, 10.9

Converting your ASF file into MP4 is made easier when you are using Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate. Here is a small step wise guide that will take you through the steps of conversion from ASF to MP4 using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1Launch the software and load the ASF video file to be converted

The very first step is to launch the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate by double clicking on its icon. Once you have launched the software, the next step is to load the ASF file that you want to convert to MP4. You can load the ASF video file in Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate by either dragging it into the interface or choosing the “add files” option. Clicking on the “add files” option will open the windows explorer from which you can choose the desired file.

How to Convert ASF to MP4 on Windows and Mac?

Step 2 Choose the desired output format

Once you have loaded the file, the next step to choose the output format for the file. There are a number of file formats listed in the “format” tab and you can easily choose one of them. Choose MP4 format from this list to set the output format of your ASF video file as MP4.

How to Convert ASF to MP4 on Windows and Mac?

Step 3 Edit the video (Optional)

Once you have chosen the file format, you can now edit your video file. This step is optional and you can even skip it totally. However if your video file needs editing, you can edit it using the advanced editing tools of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

How to Convert ASF to MP4 on Windows and Mac?

Step 4 Start the conversion

Once you are satisfied with the file, you can now start converting the ASF video file to MP4. Press the “convert” button to start the conversion.

How to Convert ASF to MP4 on Windows and Mac?

Part 2: Free ASF to MP4 Converter

If you are looking for a free ASF to MP4 converter, then Wondershare Video Converter Free is the perfect choice for you! While Wondershare Video Converter Free is compatible with Windows platform, Wondershare Video Converter Free for Mac (a variant of Wondershare Video Converter Free) is compatible with Mac.


  • Wondershare Video Converter Free is fast video conversion software that is completely free of cost.
  • The software supports as many as 150 formats for video conversion.
  • Apart from conversion, you can also download and edit your videos using Wondershare Video Converter Free.


    Wondershare Video Converter Free is not as good as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Part 3: Extended Knowledge of ASF

1. What is ASF?

Advanced System Formats is commonly abbreviated as ASF which acts as a container format for Windows media audio and video files. The most common file formats contained within an ASF file are WMV and WMA file formats which can be easily played with Windows Media Player. The ASF file format is licensed by Microsoft.

2. How to play ASF files on Windows and Mac?

For Windows operating system, you can easily play the ASF files using Windows Media player. However if you want to use any other media player for playing ASF files, you need to convert them into some other format.

For Mac operating system, the ASF files need to be converted into some other popular file format like MP3, MP4 or AVI so that they can be easily played by iMovie.

However if you are dealing with a number of ASF files and it is not convenient for you to convert them every time, then there are external media players like ASF Video Player which can be downloaded from the internet. These ASF video players are compatible with Mac and Windows operating system and can play your ASF files directly without needing them to convert into any other file format.

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