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Windows DVD Maker Won't Burn VOB? The Solution

Want to burn VOB files with Windows DVD Maker, so you can play them on a regular DVD player? Unfortunately, Windows DVD Maker doesn't recognize VOB video format. You have to convert VOB video files to a compatible format like WMV files for adding into Windows DVD Maker successfully. Alternatively, you can use a better program to let you directly burn VOB files into DVD discs.

The all-in-one software - Wondershare Video Converter, can be the best choice for you. It's integrated with a powerful video converter and a professional DVD burner. If you still want to burn VOB with Windows DVD Maker, you can use it to convert VOB to a compatible format for importing files to Windows DVD Maker. However, if you don't mind using other DVD burning tools, you can directly make DVDs from VOB files in the same program. It offers you lots of options to customize nice DVD menu, such as 10+ free DVD menu template, background music/picture, text etc, as well as many editing tools to enhance your videos before DVD burning, and then lets you burn to any DVD disc (DVD9 and DVD5 included). For DVD burning, I dare to say, this app is a better choice than Windows DVD Maker. By the way, it runs in Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8.

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Next, you can refer to this article below to either convert VOB to Windows DVD Maker supported formats or burn VOB directly by using this great program.

Part 1: How to Convert VOB to Windows DVD Maker

In order to burn VOB with Windows DVD Maker, converting VOB to Windows DVD Maker supported formats is a necessary preparation. After that, you can smoothly import files to Windows DVD Maker without any trouble.

Step 1:Import VOB to this Windows DVD Maker converter

You have two ways to import VOB files to this app. You can choose any one. One is to directly drag your local VOB files to this program; the other is to click the "Add Files" button in the default "Convert" interface to import the VOB files you want from the PC to it.

windows dvd maker support vob

Step 2:Choose WMV as the output format

In the "Output Format" pane, you can hit the format image to open its output format window. And then, go to "Format">"Video">"WMV". WMV is one of the formats that Windows DVD Maker supports natively.

burn VOB with windows dvd maker

Step 3: Convert VOB to Windows DVD Maker

To start VOB to Windows DVD Maker conversion, you can click the "Convert" button in the bottom-right side of this interface to do it. A while later, import the output files to this application to burn VOB with Windows DVD Maker.

Part 2: How to directly burn DVDs from VOB with this app

To burn DVDs directly in this app, you can refer to the detailed steps below. It's very easy.

Step 1:Import VOB files

Enter into its "Burn" interface instead of the "Convert" interface by clicking the "Burn" tab at the top. And then, import the VOB files you want in the same way above.

Step 2:Customize a DVD menu or edit videos

Before DVD burning, you can choose to edit your VOB files or not. To enter into its editting window, just click Edit on each video item bar.

To customize a DVD menu, you can choose one DVD menu template from its library by hitting the Change Template option and then add your favorite elements like background music, picture, text and so on.

burn VOB with windows dvd maker

Step 3:Start to burn DVDs

When everything is ok, just insert a blank DVD5 or DVD9 disc and click Burn button at the bottom-right corner of the interface to start burning DVDs from your VOB files. You will get a written DVD disc a few minutes later.

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