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Nexus 7 Can't Play WAV Files? Solved.

Can't play WAV files on Nexus 7? Yeah, it's a common question. Many people including you may get some voicemail message attachments in .wav format, and then want to play WAV on Nexus 7. When you do it, you'll find the device can't be able to play the WAV files. That's an incompatible issue. There is a quick and easy solution to this problem. That is to convert WAV to Nexus 7 supported formats by using a smart WAV to Nexus 7 converter. After conversion, you can transfer the output files to Nexus 7. Then the device will can recognize them and is able to play them smoothly.

The great Nexus 7 converter introduced in this article directly offers users an optimized presetting, which can convert audio and video files to fit the device best automatically without doing any other settings. The whole process is very simple, just a few clicks. And the conversion speed is also quite amazing, just a few minutes. What's most, the conversion is almost lossless. Its name is Wondershare Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac ). And below is the guide.

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1Load WAV to this WAV to Nexus 7 converter

Either by clicking the Add Files button at the top left corner of this window or by drag-and-drop, you can import your local WAV files to this app for audio conversion. After that, you can see all added WAV files will be shown as follows.

play wav on nexus 7

2Select MP3 or Nexus 7 as the output format

MP3 is a popular audio format that can be played on most devices, including Nexus 7. Of course, you can directly choose the optimized format for Nexus 7.

Click the format picture on the Output Format pane to pop up this app's output format list. To choose MP3 as the output format, you can go to Format tab and choose Audio category to find the MP3 format. If you want to choose Nexus 7 as the output format, you can go to "Device">"Others">"Nexus 7" instead.

convert wav to nexus 7

3Convert WAV to Nexus 7

In the end, you go to the bottom right corner of this program's window, and click the Convert button there to start converting WAV to Nexus 7 supported format. At last, just hit the Open Folder button after conversion to locate the output files. Now, you just plug your Nexus 7 device into the computer, and then transfer these files to the device via cable.

Please watch the video tutorial.

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