How to Transfer Grooveshark to iTunes

Grooveshark offers their users free online streaming song music with a user-friendly interface and a great searchable database. Maybe you are a big fan of Grooveshark music and have collected a lot of fair-sounding Grooveshark songs in your Grooveshark playlists. Well, do you feel a little frustrated or not when you fail to listen to them offline?

Have an idea to transfer Grooveshark to iTunes playlists for convenient playback even if you're not connected to internet? Or wanna continue to convert Grooveshark to iPod so that you can listen to them on the go? Or you'd like to convert Grooveshark to CD for precious preservation.

For whatever reason, if you need to play Grooveshark in iTunes, you can use streaming audio recorder to help you realize the transfer. Please read on and find a step-by-step guide.

1 Install streaming audio recorder

This great app is available here. You can directly download it. After that, please install and launch it.

Download win versionDownload mac version

2 Download Grooveshark music

When entering this app's main interface, just hit the "Record" button on the top-left corner. Then go to Grooveshark playlist, find and play the one you want to record. Look, streaming audio recorder is recording the song. Once the song is finished, the recording will stop at the same time.

Grooveshark in itunes

Note: During recording, make sure the Grooveshark song can play smoothly and there is no other sound via your computer sound card except the playing Grooveshark song.

3 Transfer Grooveshark to iTunes

Highlight the recorded Grooveshark song in its library, and then click the "Add to iTunes" button in the bottom of the main interface to transfer Grooveshark to iTunes.

Grooveshark to cd

The following step-by-step video tutorial will quickly guide you through.

Now, your Grooveshark song is already in iTunes. You can transfer Grooveshark to iPod without any trouble. And also, you can use iTunes as a free CD burner to burn your Grooveshark song to CD for long-term preserving.

Download win versionDownload mac version

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Wondershare Editor

Dec 22,2015 20:57 pm / Posted by Christine Smith to iTunes

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Sorry, you could only create the playlist and play on the program.
Before I purchase this I need to know if I can create a playlist and move it to mixmeister for over lapping and creating a smooth playlist for a spin class
Hello Michael, thanks for your interest. The trial program allows you to record 10 songs for free. After that, you may need to purchase it here
Hello Please could you tell me if you can still use the service for free after the 7 day trial? Thank you
Hello Fozziebear, thanks for using our program. You can try first find where the downloaded files are stored on your computer by right-clicking the songs and selecting Open in Folder. Then open iTunes to import all the songs manually.
Hello, I have downloaded wondershare and have got all my songs from my playlist on grooveshark into wondershare and I only have the free trial. I clicked on the song I wanted to convert into iTunes. I already have iTunes downloaded and open and I clicked add to iTunes and then it said that the name of the song will be called "SAR" so I just clicked 'OK' because it was fine with me. Then it said "Add failure. 0 success, 1 failed." And if I click 'Try again' it says the same thing and closes iTunes again and reopens with the message. Please help. Thanks! :)
Hello there, you can transfer to iTunes in the free trial version. Are you using the Mac version? The Add to iTunes button is not available for this version. You can select the songs and click Control key on your keyboard to select Show in Folder. Then manually import to iTunes from the folder.
Can I transfer to iTunes in the free trial version? I can't see the icon?
Hello Jen, thanks for your post. I have forwarded your problem to our technical support team. Someone from there will reach for you in 24hrs.
I've figured out how to add the song to iTunes, but the volume is not adjustable for that song. Whenever I try to turn the volume down, I get a stop icon coming up while showing full volume. I don't want to always have to listen to this song at that volume. Is there a way to fix this?
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