How to Share Google Music on Google+

Google Music (formerly Music Beta by Google) finally comes to us. Have you signed up for Google Music yet? How do you think about it? If you are the one that are fond of sharing music with friends, Google Music enables you to easily share your love for music. Now see how you can share purchased or non-purchased Google songs on Google+, in slight different ways.

Sharing Google Music on Google+ Circles

When you login your Google Music account, find the song you are about to share and click the triangle button to locate 'Share song' item. Click it to show up 'Share on Google+' windows as below.

share google music to google+

Give some comment and select who to share the Google musing with, and finally click Share to go. Note that this sharing feature is only available for purchased Google songs, and your friends can enjoy the complete song for only once before purchasing the music. Moreover, you can't share your uploaded songs with friends in your Google+ circles.

Sharing Non-Purchased Google Music

On Google's Android Market, where you buy Google songs from, you can share either purchased or non-purchased songs as you like.

  • 1. Mouse over the Google song you want to share.
  • 2. The 'Share' button will appear.
  • 3. Click it to bring up the 'Share on Google+' window.
  • 4. Add your comments and Google+ circles.
  • 5. Click 'Share'.
  • 6. Now anyone you share this non-purchased music with (including public) will be able to play a sample of this song, ranging from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. If you purchase the song, you can share one free full play with everyone in your Google+ circles. This is the same with what you do on Google Music.

share google music from android market

In Short

The difference of sharing purchased Google music and sharing non-purchased Google Music is that of "LISTEN ONCE FOR FREE" and "LISTEN TO PREVIEW". The former is onetime full play, while the latter varies from 30 to 1:30 in unlimited times. If you love songs shared by your friend, why not record it to computer for free to play without any limit?

Tips: After some trial, find that Google Music is not your cup of tea, but want the free songs on Google Music? Take it easy, see how to download Google Music to iTunes.

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