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Top 20 MP4 Players

Can't play MP4 files on your computer, windows phone, or Windows Media Player? If so, you can check out the solutions here. There are different solutions offered in this article. You can try either one out to resolve your MP4 playback problem according to your own preference.

Part 1: Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

With the new release of windows 10 everyone is eagerly awaiting new file formats as well as players that can play them. In the meantime everyone will still be playing all their favorite jams in MP4 format. It’s quick easy and high definition. For 2015 we’re going to list of 5 for each platform, which work best, why and why not.

Part 1.1: Top 5 MP4 Players for Windows

1-VLC Player

VLC is an open source player and it is ultimate in open source free format MP4 players. It won’t just play MP4 but almost anything you throw at it all the way up to the highest of formats. From mp3 to avi, xvid, MP4, to mkvs. Available in 48 languages, almost everyone can profit from this non-profit. VLC player is also available across many platforms including Android, IOs, Windows and Linux platforms. In addition to that it is open to skins and many customizations so that you feel refreshed every time it loads. VLC player came featured with a brand new GUI for Windows 8 version and rounds out many of the video formats incompatible with windows 8 such as: Blue-ray, DVD and VCD. Be careful though as many out there, hoping to cash in on your personal information, bundle the VLC player along with other bloatware or malware to fool you. At the end of this description is the developer’s name and website like to help you along. It’s not to say VLC has no competitors, but that instead its efficiency model and ease of use across platforms make it the most popular choice.

Developer: VideoLan

Website: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

2-SM Player

SMplayer is also a cross platform player that makes up for the dark sides of VLC player. That’s right performance. SMplayer might have been solely designed to outdo others in performance alone. With its size coming in at super-featherweight 80MB leaves you feeling great about your disk space as well as your ability to glide with ease across codec platform. Its CPU utilization is less than half that of VLC player, which is undeniable for the budget notebook and desktop market. It’s also skin customizable but with better staying power than Robbie Williams and also, like its predecessor, offers a wide range of subtitle compatibility. Not so shabby for world’s second best open source video player

Developer: Ricardo Villalba

Website: http://smplayer.sourceforge.net/en/info

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

3-Gom Player

The Sasquatch of media players. Unfortunately many have said that this may be the way it has gone downhill from top spot as free MP4 players due to bloatware and things of the sort as its popularity as the main player for media in south Korea soars, It is extremely breezy to use even if a little strange to setup. It does tend to wane on the intensive side but also makes up for it in load times.

It doesn’t play everything, but it does play damn well near everything and if it can’t play what you have it will literally launch a search for a nearby codec that might be able to play your material.. It is a player that comes out of South Korea, and is mandatory part of their online game watching programs. Your membership requires a free install of Gom player inclusively. The first time running into this player was for StarCraft 2 championship VLC broadcasts. Personally I can tell you I watched all those streams HD 1080p with no tearing, live broadcast. Without a doubt Gom player is a very capable player with many codecs.

Developer: Gretech

Website: www.gomlab.com/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

4-Daum’s PotPlayer

PotPlayer by Daum is a relatively new release within the domain of video players for windows. Reportedly to the new dominator in this scene it does do some things which stand out above the others that you might want to take a look at. Its range of formats is as extensive as its competitor’s. It does not allow for as wide a range of custom skins but it does make up for it in its ability to be given different keyboard macros to control your material and also remembering where you left off in a certain video. Some new features include playing 3D material and also, like VLC, playing damaged material. Daum’s PotPlayer is definitely a hot contender.

Developer: Daum

Website: http://potplayer.daum.net/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

5-Media Player Classic

This free media player rounds out the last of media players downloadable users. This particular media player was coded by a single individual. It’s kept up to date and held in two different formats available to the public: the standard version, and also Black Edition which is coded to perform faster and includes many newer features. The main purpose behind this media player was obviously to add competition and profit but it’s niche lies in the fact that it’s coding utilizes newer video cards released that will accelerate the playback of h.246 and vc-1 codec. Playing all your MP4 media back much faster if you’re in the newer box or notebook market.

Developer: MPC-HC Team

Website: https://mpc-hc.org/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Part 1.2: Top 5 MP4 Players for Mac

1-VLC Player

Once again, we see our open-source alternative has topped the list as the most performance effective player, because if the format won’t play at all - performance drops to zero, and we all know how fun that can be. It’s a standard of design quality not seen in other players. Its ease of installation, high stability, and complete lack of needed codec downloads as well is what makes it the best choice for #1 best free Mac MP4 player. Yes, it’s also available for Mac OS of many types and will play just about anything in just about any design and color. It even remembers your own personal bookmarks set for movies. VLC player without a doubt is the stability standard for most users.

Developer: VideoLan

Website: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

2-Divx Player

DivX player is one of the originators for newer codecs out there so it’s no surprise that their own player has been highly desirable for a while now. With its rich codec support most will just go with DivX player and “set it and forget it” since it supports so many different types of files and runs them fairly efficiently. Load times on most boxes and notebooks tend to lean on the quicker side of things even though, by no means, is it the quickest, but for Mac OS it is definitely a popular alternative. DivX also has more than one product on the market such as mac to DivX converter and also plugins for web browsers. One drawback to this particular player is the lack of skin modding available to the end user, but as we speak they are in the stages of implementing new design to meet this request. All in all you couldn't go wrong with DivX player for Mac OS

Developer: DivX, Inc.

Website: http://www.divx.com/en/software/mac/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

3-Elmedia Player

Next on our list of media players is the Elmedia player made available to mac OS x users worldwide by Eltima Software. This is really, really, really, really, not the only product on Eltima’s available software list, which might scare some of you away, but this player is a totally different breed of player available for Mac or any other platform. Besides giving you complete access across a broad range of formats: MP4, FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RV, RM, MOV, AVI, etc it also has full flash support for its own built in browser! I’m being completely serious. You can watch your movies while you surf for more movies to watch. We would REALLY not suggest you drive while doing this simultaneously but this is its most standout feature and honestly can’t go unmentioned. If this is the type of experience you’re looking for in your movie watching then Elmedia is a must and THE go to media player.

Developer: Eltima Software

Website: http://mac.eltima.com/media-player.html

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android


5KPlayer is also a newer media player for Mac OS and seems to have its own angle on the Mac market. This player seems to do most of what you would expect from a free player with most codec support but its original spin on the free mac player market is a feature called Airplay. This feature allows you to take your media files list and stream them on Airplay to other. The 5kplayer has some other side features such as being able to download media from YouTube and Facebook, and also using 5k to listen to the radio. To those B-side features we note 5kplayer on our list because of the Airplay feature which is brand spanking new.

Developer: Dearmob, inc

Website: http://www.5kplayer.com

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

5-MX Player

This seems to be the mainstay of many Mac OS users, and rightfully so, as it is very stable and comes prepackaged with just the right amount of premium content. Its playable formats are pretty extensive. The only bottleneck to this player being not more widely used is that it is only available in about 5 or 6 languages. English, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and Spanish which is not the entire world by a long shot. None the less if you happen to speak one of these as you might not be translating this article then that shouldn’t be a problem. MX player should probably stand a bit taller on our list but really lacks the bells and whistles all other products are putting forward to give their product the edge and VLC already has them matched for stability and cross-platform popularity. Skinless but stable and coming in to our number 5 spot to clean out the competition for Mac OS MP4 player choices.

Developer: J2 Interactive

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/mxvpen/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Part 1.3: Top 5 MP4 Players for iOS

Today we live in the digital age but people are still human (or at least most of us) which means not all of us will be tied to an electrical socket 24 hours a day ...or at least not until a full spectrum release of VR Sims from windows hits the market. Until that day comes (oh and it will) we’re going to be the, same old, on the move people we’ve always been and since we’re always on the move, we need a list of the top 5 IOS MP4 players for free.

1-Oplayer Light

Oplayer is starting to shape up as top dog in this race. With so many file formats usable by this free application you’ll wonder why users use anything else. With more than over 4 different types of stream able formats it’s no wonder the other players got kicked out of top. This player also is sync able through USB to ipad and content downloadable through Wi-Fi it also offers media tv out capability and airplay. Just to top it all off Oplayer included multiple audio tracks for mixing material. These features are overwhelmingly badass for all iPhone users that are above gen3 and the main reason Oplayer is uncontested by other open source players.

Developer: Olimsoft

Website: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/oplayer/id344784375?mt=8

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android


Next up on our list is another fan favorite player called rockplayer2. Offered through the apple store from a developer named Shanghai Tech Co. This player is typically the bee’s knees when it comes to cool players. It will even find the download and install directory path for you when summoning it to your IOS device. It might not have the absolute codec format sensitivity but it more than makes up for that in a process called RockShare. This is the oversized rock fingers to the sky incantation that allows you to directly share your media with those also using Rockplayer2 with a push of a button. Can I get a hell ya! This feature alone is what makes Rockplayer2 head and shoulders above its puny competition. That being said it does provide media sharing via iTunes, ftp, http, dav and also AirPlay. Looks like the developers over at Shanghai Tech knew what people really wanted.

Developer: Shanghai Tech Co. ltd

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rockplayer&hl=en

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

3-Player Extreme

This alternative media player has won multiple awards one of them being the best media for IPhone by Lifehacker. For the simple fact that although you may love rock sharing your media or even your complete control over your watching experience via remote media access, your still eating up your IPhone battery in the process. And power is ultimate in the world of mobile entertainment. At all stops this player will work with the same battery draw as apple's own media player but with a couple extra features that you might never think you would be missing. For instance exponentially raising base audio level up to 12x. This feature matched with battery efficiency is gold in my book as there is so much media out there with terrible original volume settings. I can't even watch a movie sitting next to someone who might have a cold. 2 or 3 key sneezes has the potential to ruin my entire movie AND THEIR LIFE. Nevertheless there are other features available for those willing to move outside the apple shaped box. Player Extreme Detects UPnP to stream desktop or media server content so you can enjoy all your files right flippen’ now... All in all a great replacement and deserving of a number 3 spot in our countdown.

Developer: Pentaloop

Website: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/playerxtreme-media-player/id456584471?mt=8

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android


Once again we see another player leaning on the airplay feature to get you the most out of a viewing experience. A lot of users are now switching to Airplayit from km player because of the lack of Wi-Fi support for their media and no one can stack up the scalability of Wi-Fi media then Airplay themselves. This digital hocus pocus can also be used over 4g/3g networks also. AirPlayit boasts its 320 file format codecs that can be streamed through airplay. Though its design is not so easy on the eyes it is incredibly easy to understand that you are the operator of you own content. This type of steel forward look allows you to quickly see what you have available or not. So far there haven’t been extensive complaints of response times or version capability but you will need gen 4 iPad or higher. All said and done AirPlayit isn’t the cream of the crop but it will allow you the control you need with the dependability of an original developer.

Developer: Digiarty Software

Website: http://www.airplayit.com

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

5-KM Player

Another great player that will give you tons of coverage is KM player. Replacing your original iTunes player with this will have you watching any sort of content you choose not just apple proprietary media. It is for its own purposes outdated as it now seems to be slow to the newish content but other than that it is one of those alternatives which allow you to get out of the clutches of the Apple iOS proprietary warzone. The list of codecs is extensive and if it wasn’t for the new glitches it might make it higher on this list. Km player is a player designed for straightforward capability across many different platforms just as VLC player but without any other features, such as airplay or UPNP, it just can’t be allowed any higher in our rankings.

Developer: KMP Pandora.tv

Website: http://www.kmplayer.com/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Part 1.4: Top 5 MP4 Players for Android

With android being much more hackable and open to the public, the desire for apps that offer media server connect capability is much less. UPNP is already largely supported by the android also SDK tools and developer settings allow for things like file ftp. No proprietary tape to cut per say here so we will see less of a hit amongst the android community. So for our list we may see the recurrence of the open source hero’s as top whereas in the iOS list they are much less likely to be hits Oplayer.

1-MX Player

MX player is back with a vengeance! This time it’s the touch zoom features which make it stand out as well as multiple playback formats that allow it take the head spot. Also it has the functionality of many of its key features being on the main screen so there’s no need to fish around for them costing you valuable movie time. This is including screen brightness, scene seeking, volume and pause all built in to screen touching. It has multiple subtitle support as well as being able to install all codecs needed for playing upon install so need for hours of fishing for codecs for hours or just flat out denial of movie.. MX player really takes it to the plate with this year's model and we couldn’t be happier they did.

Developer: J2 interactive

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=J2+Interactive

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

2-Archos Media Player

When all other media players for android are being palmed one gives that little extra accessibility. The app we’re talking about of course is Archos. Archos is a tablet designed software made cross model now and is available on the android market. Its main feature is it’s looks as it’s GUI is sleek above the rest. Prepackaged with full 5.0 lollipop support. Also it allows for portable media server connection and already comes preprogrammed with all necessary networking formats including (SMB, UPnP, FTP, SFTP) or from an external usb storage device (SFTP/FTP only available in premium/paid app version); for yanking your video from your desktop to your phone top. Unless your media is Carrot Top...then I hope no protocol assists you, you wildebeest. Not only that, but as of late some media players are now implementing torrent media blockers. How this goes down I don’t even know but yes it is possible and The guys at Archos have tipped their pirate hats and allowed all playback of previously torrented files (although torrenter is bundled with the app) a major political move for just a media player. If it’s your prerogative that feature alone might drive you right to Archos media player or right away from it…….or secretly to it later when you're not around your anti-piracy friends.

Developer: Archos

Website: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=archos%20media%20player&c=apps

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

3-VLC Player (beta)

Once again we see the playing-list of players topping the list. VLC is available now in beta form and is attempting its triple-hat with the android platform. Not much to announce as work is being done here but so far the GUI is as suit for guys like over at VideoLan. With its bright orange display and media listing built in so you don’t have to fish for files, as well as network streaming capability, it seems they’re right on their way. Many different codecs are coming in bundled here already and really we can’t wait to see what they’ll finish up with. I think if you asked the guys what VideoLan’s motto for this beta release is they might say something like “don’t hate the player…..hate the game.”

Developer: VideoLan

Website: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

4-KM Player

We couldn’t go far without mentioning KM player as an android platform staple. It just makes it too easy. Yes again no extraneous features or bloatware and yes again to all good codec coverage. 350 million downloaders can’t be wrong. This app will even cover older formats which mx and VLC may not even recognize. But it does have some drawbacks which are not listed such as not easy workarounds for ac3 which is a widely distributed format. It does come with google drive support and is one of the few media players that allow for windowed float mode so you can have activity. Overall you can’t go wrong with any of the top 5 for android and if you run into serious issues then you can cycle one and see if one fits your specific device. Unless your issue is liking carrot top media….in which case there is not enough psychiatric manpower in the world…. KM Player is definitely a codec vet with some perks and we can see soon will implement even fresher designs in the months to come.

Developer: Pandora TV

Website: http://kmplayer.com/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

5-BS Player

As an alley-oop this list added BS player to its number 5 spot for android MP4 free video playback software. If in case you felt a bit cased in by the structure of the other media players BS player is a solid player with Skin support. Yes….user freedom. That may jive with your choice to go droid in the first place and this is what BS is offering to its millions of downloaders. Also this particular player is no hog on processor power. More juice means a happy bro. I’ve personally experienced this within my own social circle. I had one friend with a terrible iphone5 battery. He was constantly seething with anger. Constantly negative. Then one day he was completely Zen... Calm as a butterfly. I asked him “hey bro what has changed….you seem like, different...” he said “Oh ya, I bought a new iPhone battery and now I’m chill as a cucumber.” Juice, never underestimate the power of power. In that light this app is going to do you one on battery life. BS Player is also sporting full support to YouTube so that you can download any and all YouTube videos you have the space for to hard drive as well as a resizable window for watching them in the size you want. Many android users are talking about it’s built in subtitle capabilities as well as its function to search content you already have for subtitles from repositories. I’m not sure exactly how this functions but BS player invites you to get your hands dirty with full command line accessibility. All these are great functions in their own right and that’s why we ended on BS player as it has a lot of plusses even if it doesn’t have the full functionality of the top players.

Developer: AB team

Website: http://bsplayer.com/

Top 20 MP4 Players for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

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Please make sure the original MP4 video is ok, and if it happens every time when you download videos from youtube.
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Of course not.
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Keeps freezing in the first few seconds everytime I play an .mp4 file
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