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How to Upload iPhone/iPod/iPad Music to Google Music

Android being an open source technology is gaining more importance with every passing day. The user demand curve is clearly shifting towards this technology and when it comes to present situation the users of android are far more in number as compared to iOS which shows the popularity as well as the user engagement in this regard. This has forced both Google and Apple Inc. to develop intra platform software for file and data sharing of all kinds. Most of the users want to transfer music files and entertainment media from one device to another and for the same reason it is to be noted that this tutorial teaches all such users to do the needful in the best manner so that they can use both the technologies side by side. It is also to be noted that the users who use both Android and iOS phones are also increasing in number and for the same reason it the developments in this regard is the need of the hour for both platforms so that the users can continue to enjoy the best services as well as quench their thirst of both iOS and android.

Part1:Sync iPhone/iPod/iPad Music with iTunes, and then upload to Google music

This is a two part process which a user needs to follow to make sure that the content is transferred to the appropriate platform without any issue. Firstly the user needs to sync the iDevice with the iTunes and then sync the iTunes with the Google music. Following is a process that is to be followed in this regard:

i. The user needs to make sure that the iPhone is connected to the PC with the USB that comes with it:

the following interface

ii. The user then has to make sure that the phone button is then clicked at the top left corner:

the following interface

iii. The music or the media that is to be synced is then to be selected to proceed further in this regard:

the following interface

iv. Within the iTunes options the user also needs to make sure that the relevant option highlighted is selected. This window pops up as soon as the syncing starts. Choosing this option and pressing OK will make sure that the first part of the process completes:

the following interface

v. The user has to visit music.google.com to make sure that the Google music application for the computer is downloaded:

the following interface

vi. The user has to follow the prompts and accept the terms and conditions to make sure that the application is downloaded successfully. Once it is done the software is to be launched to make sure that the following interface appears:

the following interface

vii. Once it has been done the user needs to make sure that the option of “Automatically upload songs added to iTunes” is checked so that the music that was synced with iTunes in the first part is then synced with the Google music:

the following interface

viii. The user now needs to download Google Play Music from the Google Play Store:

the following interface

ix. Once the application is downloaded to the Android handset the user needs to tap it so that it opens. The option of “All Music” is to be selected from the drop down menu and the option of ‘My Library” is to be selected from the left panel. This will make sure that all the music synced with Google Music appears.

x. The playlist or the music that is to be kept on the device can be managed by clicking the relevant icon on the top right corner of it and this completes the process in full. If the user wants to stream the music then there is no need of keeping the playlist on the device but if the user wants to make sure that the music is also enjoyed on the go as well as offline then this option should be followed for sure:

the following interface

Part2:Transfer direct music on iPod/iPad/iPhone to android device with Wondershare TunesGo

There are no words to describe the awesomeness of TunesGo, software that has been developed by Wondershare to make sure that the different functionalities are carried out between different platforms. It not only helps the iOS users but also the android users to make sure that the best is done with them in terms of file and data sharing but they also enjoy the software platforms that have been built by the respective companies. It is a great connecting software program and for the same reason it is ranked high by the users in this regard which shows its popularity and care about the customers. Following is the process which also answers the question in the heading:


Wondershare TunesGo - Download,Transfer and manage your music for your iOS/Android Devices

  • YouTube as your Personal Music Source
  • Supports 1000+ Sites to download
  • Transfer Music between Any Devices
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • Complete Entire Music Library
  • Fix id3 Tags,Covers,Backup
  • Manage Music without iTunes Restrictions
  • Share Your iTunes Playlist

Guide for TunesGo: 1.Download Music 2.Record Music 3.Transfer Music 4.Manage iTunes Library 5.Tips for iTunes

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i. download and install the software by following the prompts so that the following interface appears:

the following interface

ii. The user then needs to connect the iPhone with the PC with the help of original USB cable that comes along:

make sure the desired video

iii. The software will detect the phone as well as the media that is available onto the device and will make sure that the contents are displayed. For this the user needs to click Media on the left panel:

take snapshots in vlc media

iv. The user then needs to click export to button and from the menu that comes export to iTunes is to be selected:

click take snapshot

v. To export a playlist the user needs to click the playlist in the left panel and then export to iTunes.

vi. The last two steps will take all the music from the iDevice to the iTunes with the help of TunesGo.

vii. The user then needs to visit music.google.com and should download the music manager with the help of the process that has been mentioned above. The application is also to be downloaded to the android device so that the music manager syncing becomes easy on device. Once the desktop version has been downloaded the user has to make sure that the itunes music is synced with the help of following figure and the process has been completed. The user can now enjoy the iTunes songs on the android device without any problem.

click take snapshot

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