10 Tricks to Make the Most Use of the Handbrake

The technology has significantly advanced in realm of movies and capturing videos. You will find cameras of high quality being able to capture videos in high resolution. The raw videos that you capture will have large size if not compressed. You need a tool to compress your videos into multiple formats. Handbrake is a great tool to transcode your files into multiple formats. It is available for MAC, Linux, and Windows. It is an open source program that will satisfy the requirements of most of the people. It is very easy to use, but carries many deep options.

Just get Handbrake tutorial or Handbrake guide below.

1. Convert Any Video

The default handbrake option is MP4. It can be played easily on many mobile devices that include iPhone, iPad and iPod. However, what if you want to enjoy your movie on a bigger screen? You can use Handbrake to convert your movie to MKV format for high quality video encoding with Blu-ray player.

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2. Handbrake Picture Settings

Adjusting the aspect ratio of the movies while storing in the DVD, is quite important in ascertaining the quality of the video. You will find some settings in the Anamorphic drop-down list that contains options of Strict (For exact match of the video size), Loose (efficiently adjusts the video size), Custom (for mentioning your own desired video size).

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3. Adjust Video Quality

You can adjust the quality of the video by adjusting the compression techniques, such as H.264 to easily encompass videos of 4 to 8 GB size to just 1GB. Then you can enjoy multiple movies in a single DVD.

You can set your video as "Large File Size", "Web Optimized" or "iPod 5G Support" to balance your video between quality and file size. And the video codec can also be customized as H.264, MPEG - 4 and MPEG - 2.

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4. Tune Audio Settings

Set the audio codec to AAC if possible while mixdown is usually Dolby Pro Logic II. Set the sample rate to either Auto or 48. Usually the higher the settings the better the quality of audio will be.

5. Subtitles

The real problem of understanding the language arises when you are watching foreign movie. However, instead of listening to the dubbed voices, many people would prefer to include subtitles and hear the real voices of actors. Handbrake makes it possible for you to burn the subtitles along with the movie.

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6. Optimization of Video for Various Devices

You can choose the presets from the dozen of available presets. Just click "Options" on the lower right of the interface, and then you can set the default presets or reset built-in presets. Usually the default preset is "Normal".

Also you can make your own presets suited to your specifications. If you don't want the presets, just click "Remove" to delete it. You can also delete the default preset, but when you load Handbrake the next time, it can be automatically re-created the next time.

7. Preview Window

The greatest feature of Handbrake is that it can process DVDs in batch. So you can make many DVDs in parallel. However, you need to have a Preview window aids them in sorting out the multiple batch ripping of DVDs.

You can encode a short sample from 10 seconds to a few minutes to preview what your video will look like using your current settings. Previews can take from a few seconds to a minute or 2 to encode.

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8. Activity Window and Log (WinGUI)

You can click the Activity Window in the toolbar to launch WinGUI. The window will show anything that CLI shows. This feature could be very useful for the advanced users to monitor what is going on inside the Handbrake while it is encoding the videos into different formats.


9. X264 Options in Handbrake

You can find plenty of options inside any kind of video coder for toggling on and off. In case of the encoder of Handbrake, there is an advanced tab in the main window from where you can easily add x264 options with beautiful graphic buttons. It doesn't provide control to the x264 preset though. Tune options are also disabled. You can recreate them manually though.

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online iphone video converter

10. Anamorphic in Handbrake

Anamorphic in Handbrake refers to the technique of encoding the distorted image stored on the DVD, by instructing the player to stretch out the video when you play it.

This procedure produces wide screen image for you to enjoy the movie in much better shape now. Consider the images below for observing the results of using anamorphic. The upper picture has been stretched out to enhance the quality to some extent.

In short, Handbrake is of the best tools for video compression on DVDs. It provides the flexibility to mould the video in various forms while playing with its audio, video, sound, and resolution settings. It is widely applicable with the kind of tricks and tips that it provides with its usage.

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