Get Grooveshark Music into Google Play Music Library

In April of 2014, Grooveshark app for Android was removed from Android Market. Google cited that Grooveshark violated the terms of service. I am sure whether it's Google's competitive strategy or the pressure from the recording industry. Whatever it is, using Grooveshark on Android is not as easy as before. If you missed out Google Play Music, maybe now it's time to switch Google Play Music. This article will show you how to get Grooveshark music into Google Play library - the G-G solution is here.

I don't think there will be a tool to directly move Grooveshark music to Google Play Music. Before uploading Grooveshark to Google, you have to firstly get the music to computer. As you know, that's not a piece of cake. There are usually 2 types of methods to get Grooveshark music to computer: downloading or recording. Downloading Grooveshark music sometime will be unavailable due to the frequent changes of the website, which is the base of many Grooveshark music downloaders. As for me, I prefer recording Grooveshark music to downloading. So an audio recorder is the only tool you need to transfer Grooveshark to Google Play library.

What I suggest is streaming audio recorder from Wondershare, recording Grooveshark music in 1:1 audio quality. It is worth a try - Free.

1 Record Grooveshark Music to Computer

Wondershare streaming audio recorder provides everything you need to record, save or edit your Grooveshark songs, even you don't upload them to Google Play Music. The program is superb easy to use. Just hit record while playing Grooveshark music and it does all the rest.

grooveshark to google music

Note: if you have a low bandwidth, please increase the milliseconds in Settings to 1000 or above. If the time interval is too short, your Grooveshark songs may be recorded into several song tracks.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

2 Upload Songs to Google Play Music from Computer

When Grooveshark music is saved to computer, just follow these steps to upload Grooveshark to Google Play Music.

  • 1. Visit and login with your Google account and password.
  • 2. Download and install Google Play Music Manager. It works in Windows and Mac.
  • 3. On the first run, you will be asked whether to upload iTunes/Windows Media Player library to Google Play Music. Select 'Other folders' and click 'Add folder' to choose where the recorded Grooveshark songs are stored. Note that you can change the location to upload music from, just go to Advanced > Location of my music collection, and click Change.
  • 4. Set up whether to upload songs that you add to the specified folder in the future.
  • 5. Now your Grooveshark music will be uploaded to Google Play Music.

upload grooveshark to google music from folder

Grooveshark to Google Play Music Notes

1. 2 audio formats are supported by Grooveshark audio recorder: MP3 (.mp3) and AAC (.m4a).

2. Bit rate available: 64 kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, and 256kbps. The higher, the better, but file size will be slightly larger than normal.

3. Play Grooveshark music now.

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