Get the Best Flip4mac Alternative in OS X Mavericks

Flip4Mac is well known for the ability to extend QuickTime to support windows media codecs and components on Mac. However, the recent upgrade of Mavericks has brought lots of trouble to users, say, Flip4Mac that fails to work properly. For users' questions about Mavericks, here you can get my answer below.

Moreover, I will give you 2 solutions to effectively solve the problems. For solution 1, you can try a powful video player compatible with Mavericks for playback. For solution 2, you just need to convert the video to Mavericks supported format and play with QuickTime. More details, please read below.

  • FAQs about Flip4Mac Mavericks
  • Solution: Convert video formats supported by QuickTime

  • FAQs about Flip4Mac Mavericks

    Question: After installing Mavericks, I can't play lots of media types with QuickTime anymore.
    If you have upgraded to Mavericks, as I know, AVI files can't work on QuickTime.

    Question: My QuickTime doesn't work after updating the system OS X Mavericks.
    The old verison of Flip4mac is incompatible with Mavericks. If you upgrade to the latest verison, it works. But there will be audio watermarks, and you will be fined for removing the watermarks. And also Perian, which used to be an alternative to FlipMac, still doesn't work on Mavericks.

    Question: I have updated to Mavericks, but I can't preview any AVI, WMV files with Flip4Mac.
    The official answer from Apple is that Apple no longer interfaces with QuickTime anymore on Mavericks, so Quick Look will not work with Windows Media files.

    Question: Is there a a potential release time frame for the new upgrade of QuickTime?
    Apple hasn't give people a definite answer.

    Solution: Convert Video Formats supported by QuickTime

    In this way, you will not be bothered with installing a new player on your Mavericks. You just need to convert your videos to the formats supported by your QuickTime, for example, MOV or MP4. Here Wondershare Video Converter for Mac, as a Flip4Mac alternative, lets you convert any window media file that you fail to play on Mavericks. Also you can edit the converted videos with iMovie.

    Download Mac Version

    3 steps let your know how to make the format conversion.

    Step1. Import video files to this Flip4Mac for Mavericks. You can just easily drag and drop the target video files to this app.

    Step2. Select QuickTime MOV as the output format. As every Mac user knows, MOV is fully compatible with QuickTime. So, we can directly choose MOV as the output format here. Go to the bottom of this app's pane, and click the format icon there. Immediately, a scrolled window will appear. Then you need to choose "MOV" from the "Video" category.

    Step3. Start video conversion on Mavericks.You can just go to the bottom right corner of the window, and hit the "Convert" button to start video conversion.

    video converter for Mavericks

    Please get the video tutorial below.

    Download Mac Version

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    Wondershare Editor

    Jun 15,2016 15:26 pm / Posted by Christine Smith to Mac

    Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

    Dear Sir, you are right. Wondershare Video Converter lets you preview videos unsupported by Quicklook, but you need to first install the prgram , and then drag and drop to import the video into the converter. Then you can preview it.
    I believe you don't get the problem, by preview means being able to see embedded videos, let say you receive a vide in an e-mail attachment, before, you would be able to watch the video right from the Mail app because before Mail app interfaced the video player through QuickTime which was extended with WMV codec now Mail app does not interface with QuickTime any more. What you are suggesting is to download the attached video from mail server and open wondersahre then import it there and preview it there, which is cumbersome than before.
    hi, thanks for your suggestions. You can preview your videos with Wondershare Video Converter. After importing your videos in Wondershare Video Converter, please click the arrow on the video to preview it.
    No one cares about conversion. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO PREVIEW FILES BEFORE I CONVERT THEM. That's the main problem. When files are not supported, you can't preview them in Quicklook, so I'm supposed to waste the time converting something that may not ultimately be what I was looking for? Write an article about how to make QUICKLOOK WORK for unsupported videos.
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