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How to Play Flash on Nexus 10

Nexus 10 lacts support for flash files. So if you try to stream or play flash videos on Nexus 10, you'll get frustrated. However, like most people, you may probably want to play flash on Nexus 10. Well, what should you do? Using a flash player for Nexus 10 is a great idea. For this, you can follow Part 1 to finish this job. If you still have no luck (some unknown reasons), the guaranteed solution introduced in Part 2 also can help you play flash on Nexus 10 smoothly.

Part 1: Play flash on Nexus 10 with a great Nexus 10 flash player

First, you need to add flash support to your Nexus 10. And then you can install the Nexus 10 flash player. After that, you can directly stream online flash videos from most video sharing sites on the device. The detailed steps are as follows:

1. On Nexus 10, go to Settings and then tick the "Install from unknown sources" option. After that, you need to download and install Adobe Flash Play 11.1 apk developed by XDA Developers.

2. Go to the Android Market, find and download the great Nexus 10 flash player: Firefox Beta browser.

3. Since Firefox Beta sets plugins to "On demand" by default, which will bring you some inconviences, so you need to remedy it. To do it, you just go to  Settings -> Plugins -> Select: Enabled.

Note: I have tried many browsers, such as Chrome, ICS+ Browser, and Dolphin Browser HD. None of them can work with the flash plugin for Android 4.1. It seems Firefox Beta is the only browser that works with this method. And attention please. It's Firefox Beta not Firefox. You can directly get it here.

Part 2: Play flash on Nexus 10 by downloading and converting flash videos to Nexus 10

Another way is to use a great all-in-one flash video downloader and converter, which can let you download any flash videos from most video-sharing sites to Nexus 10 for enjoyment anytime and anywhere. Compared with the former way, this method guarantees you a smooth playback on Nexus 10.

That is Wondershare Wondershare AllMyTube ( AllMyTube for Mac) . And the operation is extraordinarily quick and easy, just four simple steps.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1 Find your favorite online flash videos

During you install this app, you have the option to select supported browsers. After installation, you can open one of the selected browsers to visit the website you want and play your favorite flash online videos.

2Select "Nexus 10" as the output format

At the top-right corner of this app's Download interface, you have to enable the “Download then Convert” option. And then, in the pop-up output format list, you can go to “Device”>“Others” >"Nexus 10".

play flash on nexus 10

Note: Once you enable the "Download then Convert" option, this app will spontaneously convert downloaded flash videos to Nexus 10 supported formats.

3 Download and convert online flash videos for Nexus 10

This app is able to detect the flash videos playing on the site automatically. Then, choose one of the two methods below to download and convert online flash videos:

  1. Click the floating “Download” icon on the top of each online flash video. Immediately, you can see this app is downloading videos for you, shown as follows.
  2. Copy the URLs of the flash videos in the browser address bar, and then press the “+Paste URL” button in the Downloads interface.

 flash player for google nexus 10

The blue bar will show you the progress bar. When the download is done, this app will automatically help you convert these flash videos. And at last, you can find all converted files in the Converted library.

4 Transfer flash videos to Nexus 10

Go to the output folder according to the output path and find the converted flash videos. Connect your Nexus 10 device to your computer via cable, and then transfer these video files to Nexus 10 for playback.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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So strange! I've tried Firefox, but it doesn't work for me. Anyhow, I'm happy it's helpful for you. :)
I tried part 1, using the BBC iPlayer as my test. With Firefox Beta, I got the message "You need flash player to play this programme". With Firefox, it works perfectly, at least on Nexus 10. Is this just an anomaly?

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