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How Can I Change The Video's Frame Rate?

Before you start to change, adjust, fix or convert the frame rate, you need to be aware of one point which is the actual video frame rate displayed is largely dependent on your computer’s hardware capability. Even though it’s common to increase a video quality by an increase in frame rate, this will only work up to a certain point. Plus, there’s something that comes with it as well which is a larger file size. If you’re ready to convert the video frame rate, try to adjust the frame rate with the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

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1 To adjust video frame rate 

After dragging in your video files or selecting which video that you want to change the frame rate, simple click on Settings for more options. If you have more than a video file that you would like to adjust the frame rate, you’ll be delighted to know that you can do them all at once, basically in batches.

There’s the inclusion of the Edit button coming in handy for you as well if there’s any editing that you would like to do before changing, adjusting, fixing or converting the video frame rate.

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2 Change video frame rate

If you click on the Video-Frame Rate’s drop-down menu, you’ll notice that there’s quite a selection of frame rates that you can choose from with the lowest frame per second (fps) of 12 to a maximum of 30fps.

If you have previous experience of either increasing or decreasing the video frame rate, you’ll probably notice that there’s a possibility of risking the quality of the original video file after a conversion. However, there is absolutely ZERO quality loss if you choose to adjust, fix or convert frame rate with the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. So, you’ll be rest assured that there won’t be any playback issues or incidents whereby the audio doesn’t match the video scene after you have converted the frame rate.

Once you’ve decided on the suitable frame rate, just click OK and then the Convert button.

crop file iso

3 Convert video files (after changing frame rate)

While the converter is changing the frame rate of your video files, you’ll be able to view the progress of the conversion as displayed in the screenshot below. You can also choose to cancel it any point during the conversion if you change your mind. The conversion process literally finishes even before you realize it.

Start learning more about the differences of the frame rates!

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Feb 01,2016 17:10 pm / Posted by Christine Smith to Video

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Does it work for the Mac version?
Agree, It at least needs 50. its the only reason im looking elsewhere for editing software.
Will you ever pull it up to 60?I'm a youtuber and i like to upload in 60 fps.I love your software as a video editor just PLEASE PULL THE FPS UP TO 60.That's what i record in and i'd like to upload in
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