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How to Capture Video with Ease

Technically, video capture is a process of converting an analog video signal to digital video. We will not go very deep into the technical definition of video capture while let’s first figure out in what kind of situations do you need to capture video. In fact, there are four. First, you may feel like to capture streaming video; second, you may capture video from desktop; third, you may need to capture video from webcam; and finally, you may capture video from other external devices like digital cameras. Wondering how you can capture video in those situations above? Fear not. Here are the solutions. And for the first situation we have provided two ways: downloading and recording. Follow us to check them out below.

Part 1: How to record streaming video with the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This part is to tell you how to use the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to record streaming video without hassle. First is the introduction of the program and then you can see a step-by-step tutorial.

A recommended tool to record streaming video:

wondershare video converter ultimate
  • Record video from websites without quality loss
  • Convert 30X faster than other converters to almost all the popular formats
  • Burn videos to DVD disc, DVD folder with ease Learn More >>

Steps to record streaming video:

You need to first download and install the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate on your computer and then follow the steps to record streaming video.

Step 1: Navigate to find videos you like from websites like youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and more.

Step 2: Hit the Start menu of your computer to find a " How to download netflix moviess to computer  Wondershare Video Recorder" option there. Click it and go to play the found videos. when the video is playing, a red bracket will appear in the video screen and also a Record button will be on the top left. Press the button to start to record. When you stop the recording, you will be prompted with a folder displaying the recorded video file.

Step 3: If you need to play the video on your portable devices, you may need to convert the videos. Don't worry, you can still use the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to do this. Import the recorded video to the program and choose an output format. At last, press the Convert button to get your wanted file formats.

Part 2: How to download streaming video

This part is to tell you how to capture streaming video through downloading easily. First you will see a recommended tool and then you can check the detailed steps.

A recommended tool to download streaming video:

  • Download videos from 1000+ video sites like YouTube, Hulu and more.
  • Download videos 3X+ Faster
  • Convert video to common formats such as AVI, MOV and devices like iPad, iPhone and more
  • Play and manage captured and local video file Learn More >>

Steps to download streaming video:

You can download streaming video easily through three simple steps like below. For further detailed information, please refer to DOWNLOAD STREAMING VIDEO.

Step 1: Navigate to find videos you like
Step 2: Download videos easily
Step 3: Convert videos to other formats or devices (optional)

Part 3: How to capture video from desktop

Sometimes when you intend to make some video tutorials on how to use a certain program on a computer, you might need to capture video from the desktop. The Wondershare Democreator is the right tool that you will need.

A recommended tool to capture video from desktop:

wondershare youtube downloader
Wondershare DemoCreator enables you to record video from desktop to make video tutorials and capture onscreen activities to publish as a video. Then you can share the video on YouTube. You can even edit the demos with a lot of options. Learn More >>

Steps to capture video from desktop:

Download this program and then let’s see how to capture video from the desktop. You can also refer to this guide for further information. Here is a summary of the simple steps.

Step 1: Select the recording area and audio
Step 2: Start to record from desktop
Step 3: Save the recorded file

Part 4: How to capture video from webcam

No need to spend any money on this. Windows Movie Maker, which is already on your computer if you are using a Windows operating system, enables you to capture video from webcam easily. Follow us to see how to make it happen.

A recommended tool to capture video from webcam:

wondershare youtube downloader
  • Combine videos and photos
  • Easy to record and edit videos
  • Share your videos to social networking sites like youtube and Facebook Learn More >>

Steps to capture video from webcam:

Let's check the detailed steps below.

Step 1: If you are using an external camera, you should first make sure that it is plugged into a USB port. Then adjust the volume of your computer to its maximum and launch Windows Movie Maker to get ready.

Step 2: After you have opened Windows Movie Maker, go to the Home tab menu and click Webcam Video. Click the red Record button on the top left to start capture video.

Step 3: Click the blue Stop button and a window will prompt for you to save the video file to My Videos. You can preview the video and add some effects to it.

Step 4: After several adjustments, you have finished your work. Click Save movie and choose the resolution you want. And then upload the video to YouTube or Facebook.

Part 5: How to capture video from external devices

The external devices we are talking about here are like a Digital Video camera or a Digital camcorder and others. You don’t need any extra tool to do this work.

All you need is your CAMERA and a Cable!!

digital camera cable

Steps to capture video from external devices:

Check the detailed steps below and you will find it easy to fulfill this task.

Step 1: Connect your camera to the computer via a USB cable. Remember that you should turn the camera on and set it to record mode. When a video import wizard appears, name the video you are about to shoot and click Browse to select a folder for saving the video file.

Step 2: Select a format you want. The video can be saved to AVI and WMV files. Choose whatever you prefer then click Next.

Step 3: Find the Start Video Import button to start capture video from the external device. Make sure that you are right far away from the camera so that it can take you in. Click Stop Video Import to pause the capturing and click Finish to have the capturing done. Then you can check the files in the previously set folder.

We have listed all the solutions for the situations you may meet above. If you have other problems, you can leave them in the comment area below.

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