How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Zero Quality Loss?

If you regularly upload videos to the web, the WebM video file format offers better compression and video quality compared to other video formats. It’s also supported by the major browsers. WebM videos are quite popular on video sharing sites like youtube and even on other specific websites. Converting MP4 to WebM can be quite challenging if you don’t have the right software. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a versatile application through which you can use to convert from MP4 to WebM within a few minutes and without losing video quality. Here is how you can do this.


Part1:The Best MP4 to WebM Video Converter

1.1 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This video converter has many benefits compared to competitors. They include:

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  • • Up to 3 times faster compared to competing software
  • • Convert MP4 to a variety of video formats including WebM, AVI and MOV
  • • Create unique video output through preset edits like trimming and adding subtitles
  • • Works on windows XP and above, and Mac OSX
  • • Burn directly to DVD disk once you’ve completed video conversion

1.2 The Process of Converting MP4 to WebM using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1 Upload the MP4 Files

You can do this in two ways. First, you can drag and drop the files into the program. Second, you can “click to add files”. This opens a new window where you can select the MP4 files you wish to convert to WebM. Once you’ve uploaded your files you can preview them, change their names or even merge them.

How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Zero Quality Loss?

Step 2 Select Output Format (WebM)

At the right of the window, click on the “output format” button to open a new window. Click on the “format” button and select WebM.

How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Zero Quality Loss?

Step 3 Customize By Editing (Optional)

If you want to create a custom WebM video, you have the option of making edits before converting. The editing settings can be made after you click on the “edit” button within the main window. Some of the edits you can make by using the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate include cropping, trimming, rotating, changing brightness and contrast as well as adding subtitles.

How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Zero Quality Loss?

Step 4 Start Conversion

Once you’re satisfied with the video quality, click on the “convert” button to start the conversion process. It takes a few minutes to complete depending on the file size being converted. Once the process is complete, you can view the converted file by clicking on the “open folder” button located at the bottom of the window.

How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Zero Quality Loss?

Part2: Free MP4 to WebM Video Converter

2.1 Wondershare Video Converter Free

You can also convert your MP4 files to WebM for free using the Wondershare Video Converter Free. This software allows you to convert your video files without paying anything which can be convenient if you are just converting a single file. In addition, this is lightweight software that is supported by windows NT4 up to windows 8. It can also run on PCs with low processing power and memory.

Key Features:

  • Eye-blinking file conversion speed
  • Powerful video editing
  • Secure and reliable
  • Excellent conversion quality
  • YouTube downloading capacity

2.2 Converting MP4 to WebM using Wondershare Video Converter Free

Step 1 Import the MP4 files

Once you have installed and run the software, import your MP4 files by dragging and dropping onto the main interface. You can also import files by clicking on the “add files” button. This opens a new window where you can locate and select one or more MP4 files for upload.

How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Zero Quality Loss?

Step 2 Select output and edit

Once you’ve completed uploading your MP4 files, click on “format” button and select WebM as the desires output. You can also make edits to your video before converting it.

How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Zero Quality Loss?

Step 3 Convert the file from MP4 to WebM

After you’re satisfied that your output video is well edited, click on the convert button. This process can take a few minutes to complete.

How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Zero Quality Loss?

Part3: Online MP4 to WebM Converter

You can use the free online video converter below. It converts videos to almost any format.

Want to get the best video output quality and the fastest conversion speed? Video Converter Ultimate is the most reliable video conversion tool for you. Just try it below.

win Version mac Version

Part4: Choose MP4 to WebM Video Converter that's Right for You

  Online MP4 to WebM Video Converter Free MP4 to WebM Video Converter Best MP4 to WebM Video Converter 
download for mac Download
download for win Download
Convert home DVD

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Convert Video to common formats
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Almost all formats, over 150 formats
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100 MB
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convert video
Editing functions: Clip, Split, Crop, Merge, Rotate and More

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Special Effects for video editing

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Part5: Extended Knowledge for WebM and MP4 Video Formats

Here is a table providing more information regarding the MP4 and WebM video formats

File Extension WebM MP4

Video File

Video File
Description WebM is a video file format. Its development was sponsored by Google and is intended to provide a royalty free video format that can be played on web browsers.

MP4 is a container file. It enables different types of multimedia like video, audio and images to be stored within a single file.

Associated Programs

Modern Browsers that support HTML5

Windows Media Player
Apple iTunes
VLC Media Player

Developed by

Initially On2, Xiph, and Matroska; later Google.

Moving Picture Experts Group
Useful Links

About WebM
WebM Converter
Details for WebM
Introduction To WebM File Structure

Details for MP4 on Wikipedia
How to Convert and Burn MP4 to DVD
How to Play MP4 on TV

They're downloading

Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate

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