A Good and Reliable Video Multiplexer

I supposed it’s not the first time that you’ve asked yourself as to how could you merge, combine, join or more technically speaking, multiplex several videos together into one single file that can be burned out as a DVD. You can opt to convert and save the file as an ISO format as well if you don’t fancy keeping all of them.

If you’re new to this, let me help you into getting a head start. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a good and reliable video multiplexer that comes with a simple layout and it’s user-friendly, especially for beginners. The final result, however, is nothing short of a video that’s produced by a pro.

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When I say good and reliable, give yourself some assurance and feel free to download and try out the trial version if it lives up to expectation! Here are some steps that could guide you along the process if you wish to merge, combine, join or multiplex several videos together.

If you need to convert your video files, then you’ll need to start off from the first step. Otherwise, skip to the second one. (Editing features are available if you’ll like to trim or crop the video).

1 Convert files before video multiplexing

Besides having a speedy conversion rate, the Wondershare Video Converter ultimate allows batch conversion. You can simply drag in or upload all the videos that you’ll like to be merged, combined, joined or multiplexed into the Convert tab’s screen.

file for iso

There are various output formats available for conversion under the categories of Favorite,  Format and Device. Choose the one that suits your device.

2 Merge, Combine, Join or Multiplex Videos

After converting all the videos, you’ll have to re-drag or upload the converted videos into the Burn tab. The software is also packed with essential editing features if you feel like trimming, cropping or even add some effect to it.

crop file iso

Just click HERE to read more about how to edit your video. You can choose to edit your video both before and after the conversion.

3 Save multiplexed video as an ISO file or burn as DVD

There’s more than one option to share your videos around! Why not burn it out as a DVD or save it as an ISO file for later? It’s not as difficult as what you think, especially when we’ve pretty much panned out everything for your convenience.

Select which method you'll prefer to save your multiplexed videos. Would you like to burn it out as a DVD or store it as an ISO file?

burn copy multiplexed files

There are additional settings available for both as a DVD or ISO file (NTSC or PAL for TV standard).

multiplex settings

The final step is to personalize your DVD menu. Match the template to your style or insert background music to please your audience during the menu selection.

joined files template

If you feel like having more practice on merging, combining, joining or multiplexing several videos together but do not want to mess up your existing video files. You can try downloading them online.

combine files

You’ll need to click download on the icon that pops up right above the video that’s playing in your browser, or you can conveniently copy and paste the URL in. Select Convert to if you need a conversion OR just go for Burn to DVD. The rest are a repeat of the steps mentioned above.

burn file dvd

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