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Can You Play DVDs on Wii - Yes, You Can

All you'll need is an SD card and the following free download. 

Want to watch DVDs on your Wii, but don't want to attempt some complicated MacGyver-type hack that messes with your Wii's guts? Try the Wondershare Video Converter for free. It includes an optimized Wii video format lets you convert DVDs with lossless quality right to your Wii-compatible SD card. Here's a free trial copy and the three short steps you need below:

After a quick installation, all you need to launch it is a double-click on the desktop shortcut.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Convert the DVD files for Wii Console

Put in a DVD, then click Load DVD, like in the picture below. Keep loading more DVDs if necessary; DVD to Wii Converter lets you convert tons of files at a time with batch conversion.

convert DVD to Wii

Step 2: Choose the Wii video format and click convert

After all your files are loaded, select them all by pressing Ctrl+A (or Command+A in Mac), then click the Output Format's drop-down menu like in the picture below and select Device>Game>Wii. Then just click the big blue Convert button and go make a sandwich or something. The Video Converter Ultimate takes several minutes to convert a feature-length DVD because it converts with zero quality loss. When you come back, you'll see your movies transformed from a DVD to a Wii-compatible video!

choose Wii as the format

Step 3: Copy the file(s) to your SD Card & Play it!

After the conversion, you can simply copy your new Wii-compatible video file(s) straight onto your SD card.  When the files are finished copying, just remove the SD card from your computer, stick it in the console, sit back and get ready to enjoy your DVD on Wii!

Questions about SD Cards and Wii?

Maybe you're having problems playing the converted videos on your SD card? You don't know which kind of of SD Card that you'll need.  Either way, these links should help to clear it up for you.

Here are some of the Nintendo's SD Card Resources:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


They're downloading

Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate

Much more than a converter – Convert, edit, enhance, download, burn, organize, capture, and watch in over 150 formats.

Wondershare Editor

Sep 10,2016 15:53 pm / Posted by Alejandro Gallet to DVD

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The optical drive in the new WIIs absolutely will not read DVDs, even if you hack your wii. But you can still do it if you swap out the optical drive in your WII with a regular DVD drive...
You'll need an SD Card reader that you can plug into ur computer's usb port...
my mac doesnt have a spot for an SD card
After transcoding the movie on the DVD to a compatile SD card, you can then watch the movie from the SD card, but the wii will NOT play the DVD disc.
Hi, Alexis, Wii doesn't support DVD format by default. You can use our video converter to transcode to its supported video formats and copy it to Wii compatible SD card. Afterwards, you can play DVD on your new Wii.
can i use a dvd in my new wii
it does not work, my computer does not have an sd slot.
no, billswaby is right....I just did this too, and copied the files over to the SD card, but they aren't in the right format for the wii....they will play on windowsmedia player...and yet, I picked game system wii for the conversion
DVD is a format. A movie is a movie whether it's in avi, mpg, dvd, blue ray, or mp4 format. A wii cannot play a dvd movie because it does not support the dvd format.
The trial version is fully functional, but will put watermark on the output videos. Register to remove watermark and get free technical support and free upgrade.
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