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SD vs HD

Nowadays, most camcorders allow users to record both SD and HD videos. If someone who doesn't want to save money for an HD camcorder or TV, that's because he hasn't seen the difference between SD and HD. This page will introduce you some basic knowledge about SD and HD camcorder.

Standard Definition (SD)

> 16:9 widescreen pictures
> Improved picture quality - similar to DVD quality
> MPEG digital stereo sound - similar to CD quality
> Some Standard Definition programs are enhanced with Dolby Pro Logic surround sound
> Standard Definition broadcasts are transmitted at all times - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
> Additional channels and multi-camera views are broadcast in Standard Definition

SD Picture Resolution SD picture resolution is: - 576i (576 horizontal lines interlaced)

High Definition (HD)

> 16:9 widescreen pictures
> HD picture resolution - highest available picture quality (when viewed on an HD display)
> MPEG digital stereo sound and, on selected programs, Dolby Digital sound
> Some broadcasters are currently transmitting a number of High Definition programs
> In August 2002 the Government announced it will seek to change each broadcaster's HD obligation to an annualized requirement of 1040 hours. These obligations will commence from 1 July 2003 for mainland capital cities, and effectively not before 2005 in other areas. Programs transmitted in HD will also be simultaneously broadcast in SD.
> An HD-DR will also receive SD broadcasts, to enable the HD viewer to receive SD digital transmissions when HD
broadcasts are not being transmitted.

Standard Definition display resolutions:

Video Format (WxH) Name Pixel aspect ratio (W:H)(Standard 4:3) Pixel aspect ratio (W:H)(Anamorphic 16:9) Description
640x480   4:3   Used to be used on YouTube
720×576 576i 5:4 64:45 Used on D1/DV PAL (ITU-R 601)
704×576 576p 12:11 16:11 Used on EDTV PAL
720×480 480i 8:9 32:27 Used on DV NTSC
720×486 480i 8:9 32:27 Used on D1 NTSC (ITU-R 601)
704×480 480p 10:11 40:33 Used on EDTV NTSC

High-definition display resolutions:

Resolution (W×H) Pixels Aspect Ratio Video Format Description Bitrate (Mbps) Storage (MB) for 1 min
1024×768 786,432 16:9 (non-square pixels) 720p/XGA Used on PDP HDTV displays with non square pixels 135 1012
1280×720 921,600 16:9 720p—HDTV standard format First step toward true 1080p HD, see below (HD) 158 1187
1440×1080 1,555,200 16:9 1080i Used on a majority of HDTVs, and is 'half' of 1080p due to its interlacing (i) 266 2002
1280×1080 1,382,400 16:9 (non-square pixels) 1080p Used on PDP HDTV displays (Full HD, HD Ready 1080p) 237 1780
1920×1080 2,073,600 16:9 1080p—HDTV standard format Used on all types of HDTV technologies (Full HD, HD Ready 1080p) 356 2670
3840×2160 8,294,400 16:9 2160p DCI Cinema 4k standard format (4096×2160) Quad HDTV, (there is no HD Ready 2160p Quad HDTV format) 1424 10679

HD Picture Resolution HD picture resolution may be one or more of the following:
576p (576 horizontal lines progressive)
720p (720 horizontal lines progressive)
1080i (1080 horizontal lines interlaced)

sd vs hd

Some brands of camcorders tested
Standard definition Canon FS10
Canon FS100
Flip video ultra series
Panasonic NV-GS330
Panasonic SDR-S26
High definition Canon HF10
Canon HF100
Canon HV30
Panasonic HDR-SD20
Sony HDR-HC9
Sony HDR-XR200

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