How to Cut WMA Files and Top 10 Best WMA Cutters

This article mainly focuses on how to split WMA audio files with high precise and without any audio quality loss. There are few WMA cutters in the market for the purpose of this article. In order to cut WMA files better, I strongly recommend Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor).

That's Wondershare Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac ), which allows you to accurately extract your selected segments of an WMA file to a new one. So you can use this easy-to-use WMA trimmer to trim audio files to the exact length you want, split a big file into several small-sized files at a time, or directly cut off you unwanted audio clips.

The tutorial below shows you the detailed steps. Please download and install this app first, and then follow the tutorial step by step.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1 Add WMA files to this WMA cutter

Click the  wma trimmer button to load your local WMA files to this WMA trimmer. Immediately, you'll notice the files have been added in the pane of this program.

 trim wma

2 Cut WMA into clips

In this app, hit the WMA file you want to cut, and then go to "Edit" option in the video item bar>"Trim" semenu. In the popping-up window, there are two sliders at both ends of the progress bar. Respectively drag and drop the two sliders to set the beginning and ending time, and then click the scissor-like icon to extract the selected audio clip. Then, just click "OK" to confirm these settings. Immediately, you'll see the selected audio clip has also been added in the pane of this WMA splitter.

trim wma

For your unwanted audio clips, just delete it. If you need to merge multiple audio clips into one, just tick "Merge all videos into one" at the bottom of the main interface. Before that, make sure the play order is right, or you need to drag audio clips to rearrange them.

3 Export the new WMA files

Click the format icon in the "Output Format" pane to choose "WMA" format in the "Format">"Audio", and then press the "Convert" button on the lower-right corner of the interface to export all WMA files. When the conversion is done, open the output folder by hitting "Open Folder", you'll find each WMA clip is saved in a single file.

 wma splitter

Then here is the top list of best WMA cutters for you to pick up.

1. Winamp

Winamp, more especially Winamp 5.6 version and above are designed to allow cutting of an extensive range of video and audio files. These include mp3s, mp4s, avi, and of course, WMA among others. Winamp player is a really interesting video cutting as it also has multiple other functionalities. Additionally, it comes with multiple skin and visualization styles in addition to the fact that it is easy to personalize, set preferences, create playlists, save bookmarks, and history of activities. It also allows users to control playback, clean metadata using Auto-Tag feature and also to wirelessly sync media with Winamp Android app.


2. FormatFactory

FormatFactory is amongst the best conversion and video cutting tools in the market. The software is not only comprehensive but also supports multiple video and audio formats. Its interface is however a little complicated although with extra attention, even novices can easily use the tool. Other than video cutting, it offers extra features such as video joining, audio joining and mixing. Most importantly, FormatFactory is freeware. Additionally, it is important to pay attention to installation process or you may end up unconsciously changing the default search engine.


3. ImgBurn

Like FormatFactory, ImgBurn is free, easy-to-use, and powerful software for video cutting and editing although it is primary used for writing image files and write files to discs, and vice-versa. The software allows user to easily accomplish multiple task, WMA cutting included. Advanced users can also change the tool’s advanced settings. Moreover, the program supports multiple video formats other than WMA video format.


4. Xilisoft Video Converter

Xilisoft Video Converter is one of the few easy to use WMA Cutters for Cutting Videos. It also facilitates conversion of the cut clips into usable formats. As a matter of fact, it supports more than 160 audio and video formats. The software has well defined features that are well arranged in an easy to use menu and hence it’s easy to for novices and experts to use them alike. Working with WMA video files in Xilisoft Video Converter is easy. One can simply clip video files using Clip function. This involves simply selecting the start and end points the clip the section you want cut.

Xilisoft Video Converter

5. ConvertXtoDVD

ConvertXtoDVD is video editing tool used in authoring and conversion. It offers the necessary functionality required to create own video files, irrespective of the desired format. Its output files support all popular video codecs and containers including WMA. Users can further add subtitle files to the cut video files. Additionally, the cut WMA files can be edited for contrast and brightness. Also of importance is the fact that program’s interface is aesthetically appealing and easy to use. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most recommended software for WMA video cutting.


6. BSPlayer Pro

BSPlayer Pro is a leading WMA cutting tool that allows users to cut specific area then video files that they are interested in. additionally, users can cut clips from different videos and use them to create a single hybrid video based on their choices. It also allows preview of the cut WMA files. Additionally, it allows users to capture the cut videos as they edit them.

BSPlayer Pro

7. ALLConverter PRO

This smart converter offers you 2 different modes to convert your video files. You can choose to convert video files one by one or to convert multiple files simultaneously. Thanks to the integrated video player you are able to play the imported files directly from the program interface. An important advantage of this utility is that it offers you a large number of audio/video processing options such as: Video Encoder, Aspect Ratio, Frame Size and more. All these parameters let you edit your videos in order to increase their quality. Moreover, you can personalize them by adding watermarks.

ALLConverter PRO

8. Free Video Cutter

Free Video Cutter is handy tool in cutting of videos of different format, WMA formats included. Users can extract part of WMA video files and save it in the same in the same or different formats. Notably, the program is easy to use. It has a single window for display that allows users to preview the cut videos as work progresses. Additionally, it accepts multiple formats which can then be converted to WMA cut clips.

Free Video Cutter

9. Boilsoft Video Splitter

Boilsoft Video Splitter unlike other software discussed is primarily meant for splitting videos. The application is simple and not as sophisticated as other similar software. It however allows minimal setting and configurations. Among the file formats that it can cut is WMA video files. In essence, users can successfully extract video parts with easy and without the quality being compromised.

Boilsoft Video Splitter

10. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is top software in cutting of video clips, more especially WMA video files. Although starting to use the software can prove a little but futile, the software is generally easy to use and the output quality is not compromised when the movie clips are cut and saved. Additionally, this editing tool allows user to preview the vide parts as they are cut before being saved. This allows the user to monitor progress and hence make the best cuts.

VSDC Free Video Editor

If all of them are not suitable for you, you can try Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor), which can cut any formats with powerful and easy to use editing tools. Download free trial version as below.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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