Top Opus Converters For Your PC

While MP3 remains one of the most popular audio formats on the market, you might find yourself needing to covert your opus files to MP3. This will allow the audio file to be more versatile and designed to play on high speed media players without any problems in the sound. It will also allow for you to have a smoother transfer of the file across different computing platforms.

There are two different software formats designed to meet your file conversion needs. One runs online while another runs on your desktop. Typically desktop file conversion software programs run faster than their online counterparts. However, desktop applications are usually more expensive and prone to become outdated faster. Online conversion software is often slower but cheaper (and sometimes free!) because of the money the site if able to make from advertisements. There are a whole host of opus software platforms, each with their own pros and cons.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare is a video converter that gives you access to high speed conversion of your opus file for a relatively cheap cost! It can convert over 159 formats, and provide users with extral powerful video download feature. The build in DVD burner and video editing function is also very helpful and useful for even professional users.

The award winning platform has been in operation for more than 15 years. They develop and sign software that makes computing and covering files easier. The company specializes in multi media software, and provide users with tools that can convert 140 different types of files formats.

This is an online audio converter which allows you to convert certain (small sized) files for free. However if you are over 320 kbit/s of video it will cost you to convert. However, also offers free downloads for youtube downloads which can be useful when you need to download videos from youtube.

Freeware Workshop offers a free Opus MP3 Converter for your desktop. This will allow you to have access to interactive speech and music transmission over the internet and high speed converters. You will also have the ability to “batch convert” files, making it easier to convert dozens of files at once. This will speed up the amount of time that it takes you to convert all of your audio and video files. You can also customize the output of the file and its Bitrate in addition to many other adjustable settings such as audio size, frame rate, etc.


This audio converter is more advanced than the other converters that appear on this list. It is an advanced, multithread audio converter and extorter in addition to being a CD ripper. You will be able to convert files from any audio format (including aac, mp3, wav, flac, acc3, ogg, opus, mpc, ape, or tta). You will find that you are also able to extract video files and apply different effects to audio streams. The installers no longer contain advertisements, and the software is currently in beta.

File Zig Zag is a fun online converter that is simple and user friendly. The colorful layout of the website may, and user friendly nature may make this site the best for users who are at a more novice level when it comes to converting audio files. The free online converter will allow you to convert all of your audio opus files to Mp3 format. After the conversion competes you will be able to download your newly converted audio file.

Opus Mp3 Converter 1.0.1

This converter is designed to run on your windows desktop and does not yet have a mac version. The opus converter is a powerful audio converter built for large batches. The opus converter is also totally open, royalty free, and highly versatile giving you many more options of file formats in addition to Mp3. Like other converters on this list you will be able to customize the file in the process of conversion. Many settings are adjustable, so that you can optimize the output level for your footage or audio file.

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