How to Convert WAV to WMA

Present generation uses so many types of devices with different features and specifications; with these variations in designing, their compatibility level also varies. For example if we talk about audio signal then there are thousands of audio file formats with variation in their output quality but at the same time not all digital or multimedia devices use to support them. If few allow better sound quality with WMA then many others may be working with WAV files; the ultimate effect is to the listener because one can download audio files from internet in any of the available file formats but when he thinks of plying them on his personal device then probably it will stuck somewhere due to file format support or the compatibility issue. If it happens so often with you, there is no need to worry because some software tools have been developed to assist users for such audio- video file compatibility needs. The specially designed audio converters can provide your any desired format of output audio file from any of input audio file type. Thus music lovers are now free to download their favorite songs from any website with any available file format and simply use audio converter tool to get your desired file type for specific device.

The sound quality of WMA is always much better than WAV audio files because WMA is observed to have utmost information level in each and every bit with much improved supremacy of codes as compared to other format. Thus most of music lovers prefer to save their songs in Wma file format and in such situations audio file converter software will provide best services.

Part 1:Suitable Software to convert wav to wma

There are numerous softwares designed for audio file conversion and each one of them possess different specifications for supported input and output file formats. Those who are searching for a audio file converter from wav to wma can easily find many options in market in form of online as well as downloadable software tools but the decision about which one you must use out of all these makes a big difference. Here are some of the best wav to wma converter software tools that you can prefer for your conversion needs:

1. Free Studio:

This software is actually the combination of so many programs and is very easy to use with interactive features. Users simply need to click on convert option that is available at main menu after inputting their desired .wav songs onto software platform. The free studio software provides amazing sound quality but the conversion process takes some time and you need to install it to your computer for usage and most of the times it comes with additional unrelated softwares.


It is considered as a superior audio converter that supports big list of audio formats at input as well as output side. If you wish to convert your wav files into wma then SUPER can assist in quality sound results but the sad part is that it comes with so many advanced options and becomes difficult to use for beginners.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

If you are tired with all complex audio file converter tools and now wish to get something easy to use and quality oriented then Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is best option for you. This software tool supports almost 150 audio file formats and allows users to enjoy something more than conversion only with its additional features to support edit, burn, enhance, organize, download and capture options. Wondershare Converter tool is simply the most powerful application for your wav to wma audio file conversion needs and its interactive user window makes it easily accessible to beginners as well as advanced professional users.

Here are few reasons behind why to prefer Wondershare video converter ultimate for your wav to wma conversion needs:

  • 1. It contains everything that users often require to make their videos customized as like it allows alteration, editing, enhancement as well as outstanding sound quality.
  • 2. Wondershare supports almost 30 times faster conversion process as compared to commonly available software tools in market.
  • 3. It supports more than 150 audio, video file formats.
  • 4. It provides instant file transfer with extended support to Wi-Fi network, USB cables as well as direct interface with Television.
  • 5. Download and convert audio files with one click.

Part 2: Steps to convert wav to wma

If you are searching for the method to convert .wav audio files into .wma then these steps will be useful for you:

  • Step 1: First of all you need to visit websites online that provide converter software’s setup and then download it on your device.
  • Step 2: Once your download is complete then next step is to install this wav to wma converter software to your system.
  • Step 3: Open your installed software and run it on your device; it is time to bring your desired audio file to software window for conversion. You can either prefer to use drag and drop feature available on screen or directly load that file from system folder.
  • Step 4: Now make selection for output file format type along with the folder to save your resulting output file. Note that wondershare video converter tool also allows users to edit audio files as per need so it is possible to create some customized audios for future use.
  • Step 5: Now press the convert option on screen and within very few seconds your .wav file will get converted to .wma file format and you can easily transfer it to any other device for listening.

Part 3:Limits of online converter to convert wav to wma

It is always good to use a offline source for conversion of audio files because the online sources are not always reliable options. Here are some of the major drawbacks of online converter tool:

  • 1. The biggest trouble is that it needs internet and one cannot not always stay connected to internet for these conversion needs.
  • 2. It works with slow speed and consumes more time.
  • 3. You can convert only limited files with online converter tools.

On the other side, the offline conversion tools make everything much easier and accessible without any restriction over time, internet needs or quality. Experts always suggest downloading a trustworthy converter tool on device and use it anywhere, anytime without any worries.

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