How to convert Ogg to WAV

There are numerous types of digital audio formats. In the following post, we are going to discuss how to convert Ogg files to WAV to enhance the quality of sound and also make your files compatible with many media players. Read on and find out the best way to do this conversion.

Part 1:Why do you need to convert Ogg to WAV?

  • Compatibility and hardware support
  • Ogg has limited support when it comes to hardware. Actually, if you are using older versions of the top media burning software, it is not possible to burn Ogg files. Moreover, most players cannot even play these files. In contrast, WAV is supported by all players and you will not get any compatibility issues with this format.

  • Lossy compression
  • Ogg uses the loss method of compression where data is discarded in order to create a smaller file. The end result is that the output files are not of good quality due to the heavy compression. On the other hand, WAV is a lossless and highly accurate format. This means that it produces the file accurately without any loss of audio quality.

  • Simplicity of editing
  • When compared to Ogg files, a WAV file has a much simpler format. In effect, WAV files are easier to edit and process than Ogg files. This means that you can easily edit your WAV files on any editor software on all levels, starting from the freeware to the pro editing applications.

Part 2:What is the best software for converting Ogg to WAV?

There are several conversion tools that you can use to convert Ogg to WAV. By far the best one that can quickly process all your Ogg files is the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Here are some of the reasons why this particular software is the best pick for Ogg to WAV conversion:

The main function of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is converting both audio and video files from one format to another. Thus, you can deploy it as an effective solution for all your Ogg to WAV conversion needs. However, there are some added benefits of using this particular converter as it allows users to download, edit, transfer and create different types of media files from almost any source.

In terms of ease of use, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is very straightforward and easy to understand. All the main features are easily accessible and clearly labeled. You just need to point and click to quickly run an Ogg to WAV conversion.

The other notable benefit of using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is that once you have finished converting the WAV files, you can send them wirelessly to your mobile device, whether a tablet or a smartphone. This feature is a very convenient addition to this already impressive converter.

Steps to convert Ogg to WAV

  • Download and install Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
  • Run the program and load your Ogg files
  • Select the output format as WAV and specify the output folder
  • Convert and start enjoying your high-quality WAV audio.

Part 3: Other online software that can convert Ogg to WAV

There are also several online solutions that you can use for converting Ogg to WAV. Here are two examples to consider.

1. Zamzar

This is one of the online Ogg to WAV converters. You first upload your file, which should be less than 50MB, and then choose the output format. Afterwards, you fill in your email address and then click convert to get started.

2. Online Convert

Online Converter offers similar features like Zamzar, with the only difference being that it supports a maximum file size of 200MB. Simply select the Ogg files from your computer and upload to begin conversion.

Limitations of using online Ogg to WAV converter

Low speed – Since these online converters are being used by many people simultaneously, it can take a long time to get your file converted. Usually, the request will be placed in a queue, and you will have to wait your turn.

Cost too much time – The time you spend uploading the file and the time you have to spend waiting for your file to get converted can really add up to cost you a lot of wasted time. It even gets worse if you have to resubmit the file due to a dropped Internet connection.

Limited to only converting one file – You will only be able to convert the file you have uploaded. In contrast, software like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate allows for multiple or batch conversions.

Need Internet to work – If you are in a place without a reliable Internet connection, then it will be almost impossible to use online converters. That is why a downloadable conversion solution is always recommended.

All things considered, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best and most comprehensive audio and video conversion software. It is highly customizable and includes a wide range of output formats. It features an exhaustive list of various optimization profiles that customize your conversion to suit all the devices you are likely to own.

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