How to convert MPC to MP3?

Part 1: Making the Change from mpc to mp3

If you’ve got MPC files on your computer, chances are you’ve been trying to convert them for ages now, and with good reason. Sure, MPC files used to be convenient: cleaner audio, better file size, better hardware support…until, you know, there wasn’t any more hardware support. Nowadays, MPC-friendly hardware isn’t the easiest thing to come by, and if your hardware breaks, you’re out of luck until you can find a replacement, which isn’t the easiest, quickest, or cheapest task to accomplish. The hard fact of it is that your average hardware simply supports MP3 files over MPC files, and as times change, we must change to keep up. So, if you’re on the prowl for a means to get your MPC files into this present century, you should know that you’ve got a few options at your disposal.

Part 2: Conversion Solution for mpc to mp3

There are a few important aspects to consider when choosing software for this conversion: what you’re using the files for, how many files you’ll be converting, the storage space you have to work with, and the price of the software. Online converters are a dime a dozen, and meet the most basic of needs. There’s free software out there, for a more convenient experience when compared to online converting while still keeping the service fairly barebones, take for example. You can upload multiple files at once, convert to a large number of file types, and it’s a free download, which is to be expected from a more barebones software. It doesn’t take up much space on your computer, but it also isn’t as powerful or versatile as other software available for purchase.

If you want something with versatility and a wide range of application, then Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is what you’re looking for. It’s technically a video conversion suite, but its audio conversion function is second to none and it allows for multiple kinds of editing and conversion to run concurrently, consolidating any number of conversion software you may have on your computer. This makes it especially handy if you’re doing editing work overlaying audio onto video files, doing side-by-side editing, or working on big projects that take an entire suite to accomplish. If you’re running a smaller operation, there are other programs out there that are smaller and handle less or more casual work, like Faasoft: Faasoft takes up less space, is marginally cheaper than Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, and primarily focuses on simple video and audio ripping and editing, but lacks the versatility and breadth of application of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate as well as the ease of operation Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate presents.

Part 3:The Conversion Process

Once you’ve decided on what service you’re going to use, the process of converting MPC files to MP3 files is fairly simple and straightforward:

The first step, of course, is to download your conversion software. From this point on, certain software add extra steps and complicate the process, but for the most part they tend to follow the same format (we’ll be using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate as our example software, simply because it has the process relatively streamlined compared to other software). Once you’ve complete this step, there will be some basic setup you’ll have to get through, but once you get through with that the magic begins.

Step two in the process is simply to run the program, get through the introduction, and load the MPC files into the program. Most programs have a cap on how many files can be converted at the same time, so make sure you don’t overload your program just to be faced with an irritating error message and have to go back and redo the whole thing again.

Next, you’ll be prompted with a large swath of file types to convert, and depending on what project you’re working on, you may want to consider your options. However, as previously mentioned, most applications and websites favor MP3 files over other kinds of files, and seeing as they’ve become the default audio file type, it’s usually a safe bet to just set your default conversion destination as MP3, in whatever folder you plan on storing your files in.

Finally, set the software on its task, sit back and wait for the conversion to finish. Certain software are faster than others, and if time is a factor, you’ll want to keep this in mind when picking out a software.

Part 4:Alternative Solutions

As previously mentioned, if you aren’t feeling up to spending some money or downloading software, there are still options available to you. There are a number of reputable file conversion websites across the Internet, offering basic audio editing and conversion services from the convenience of your browser (though you may run the risk of getting some nasty malware if you aren’t careful around certain parts of the Net). is one of many similar websites that will get the simpler jobs done should you need them, and without much hassle or fuss (or download). Although far from ideal and narrow in utility, browser converters are an nonetheless an option should you decide to forgo a traditional editing suite. Either way, if you need to convert files and get with the times, fret not! You have the entire internet at your fingertips.

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