How to Convert Flac to WMA

There are numerous file formats available for audio, video, photo, and other file documents. When it comes to audio formats, you may encounter FLAC and WMA formats. And at this moment, you might be thinking on how to convert FLAC to WMA. Fortunately, you got the right place because the next set of information will enlighten you about FLAC and WMA.

FLAC refers to Free Lossless Audio Codec or known as lossless audio format. This means that it is totally different from AAC or MP3 formats. FLAC is a free audio format that can compress audio files even without losing its quality.

On the other hand, WMA stands for Windows Media Audio and it is actually the most popular and widely used Windows Systems audio format. This format works well with various Windows players such as Windows Media Encoder, WinAmp, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.

The common WMA files are known to be lossy compressed audio files. However, WMA Lossless serves as the lossless audio format that works for CDs. This means it has similar CD audio quality but its size is just half of a CD.

Part 1: Why Convert Flac to WMA?

WMA files got smaller size compared to FLAC files. There are more advantages of converting WMA files from FLAC such as the following:

  • Compatibility – WMA is more compatible with other file formats compared to FLAC. It works well with any type of media players that are under Windows operation systems. These can be Windows Vista, Windows 2000, or Windows 8.
  • Conversion –Another great thing about WMA is that it is supported by other Windows devices such as Windows Phone, Windows RT, Nexus, and Zune.

Therefore, when people convert FLAC files to WMA Lossless, they can easily play and open FLAC files with higher audio quality in various ranges of portable devices or audio players.

Part 2: Best Software for Converting FlAC to WMA

Hundreds and thousands of converting software are available online; these can be used for free or with payment. You only have to decide and choose which one works best and safest for your devices and files.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is one of the most ideal converters that you have to try for easier conversion from FLAC to WMA. It is worthy of your money and attention since this converter has a lot of benefits provided to its users.

Aside from Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, there are two other video converters that work best for converting FLAC to WM audio files. These are the following:

  • iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate
  • This is recognized as one of the most outstanding tools that enable easy conversion of different audios and videos in any well-known format on computers and devices. It only takes three simple steps to convert any FLAC files to WMA files.

    Furthermore, it also allows customization of the size of the audio file to save space. Do this by proceeding to the output audio setting and lower its bit rate, for instance. The only problem is that this is only for those who want to save money since it can be downloaded for free. For pros, this may not be the best choice for an audio converter.

  • Audials Tunebite FLAC Converter
  • The other software converter is Audials Tunebite FLAC Converter which is also a universal audio converter used for any device. It helps resolve problems with regards to file formatting that are also associated with audiobook and music files. In addition, Audials Tunebite is also design to resolve file-formatting issues from audio file conversion using PerfectAudio quality guarantee.

    Fortunately, Audials got a wide variety of options and features’ making it an amazing tool as it has been widely recognized across the globe. The software engineers of this converter included various settings and functions for automatic and quick response to tasks. It involves file format allocation that are converted for any well-renowned portable device.

Part 3: Steps to Convert FLAC to WMA

Converting FLAC to WMA is just easy. All you need is to follow these steps to guide you in your conversion process.

  • 1. Download and install the FLAC file to WMA file converter.
  • 2. Run the software and load FLAC files that you wish to convert into WMA.
  • 3. Select output format WMA and look for the output folder.
  • 4. Convert and start listening to your favorite music.

One issue with online converters is that they may not be able to resolve all problems with regards to FLAC to WMA converters. Furthermore, some people experienced problems in terms of reliability. This is the reason why pros do not opt for free or online conversion software. They rather spend money to legitimate software but they have peace of mind that their effort will not be wasted. All they need is to make practical choice for such paid software to get started and ensure successful conversion.

Convert Flac to WMA

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