MPEG StreamClip's Editing Features

Have you ever heard of MPEG streamclip? Maybe not or maybe you have and whichever boat you sail in, you don't have to worry because at the end of this article this will be a tool you will always want to have in your computer.

It is a free software used to convert and edit videos for windows and Macintosh platforms in that it comprises of a wide range of features; trimming, copy and paste, compression, brightness and contrast, resizing, cropping, rotate and flip, conversion, zooming, adding subtitles and many more. All these MPEG features will be discussed respectively but before starting you have to download MPEG streamclip for your PC.

After downloading the MPEG streamclip you will need to download Quick time. The version of quick time you choose will depend on the version of MPEG streamclip you downloaded. In the case of MPEG streamclip version 1.2 for example, you will have to choose Quick time version 1.1.8. You do not have to worry about the version of quick time to download though as you will be notified after you install MPEG streamclip.

This software allows one to play and edit various video formats namely: AVI, DV, QuickTime, MPEG-4 and MPEG-1 video formats among many others. It can also export all the formats to other audio and video formats like AVI/DIvX, DV/DV50, QuickTime and even to MPEG-4 while also allowing edited movies to be saved in various formats too. A person can choose to save an edited movie as a TS file, for example. Moreover, MPEG streamclip has got inbuilt decoders that one can use to convert audio signals in a video to uncompressed or compressed formats without affecting audio synchronism with its video.

After installing properly you will see the window below depending on the version you are running.

MPEG StreamClip Editing Features:


Have you ever got tired of watching a long boring movie and you only feel that you need a small portion of it? You can use the 'MPEGstreamcliptrim'. You have to know the exact second and frame you want to start with then follow these simple steps; First go to Edit >

Go to Time feature that lets you type in the exact seconds you need for the video then set the in point by hitting the 'i' key. After that you can use the same steps to set the out point then go to Edit> Trim and you will have your desired new clip.

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Once click to transfer contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, video and apps between phones.

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