How Can I Watch Video On Xbox One?

Even though the Xbox One has introduced the external storage and USB support features, you may still cannot enjoy your videos successfully. However, that’s not the end of the world, if you really want to tap into your external video gallery. Here several viable methods of streaming the videos over to your Xbox One are listed out. For more easier solutions, check out this page>>

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Method 1: Use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1. Upload files from external storage

First make sure your computer and Xbox One are in the same network. Then you can either drag-and-drop your video files that's stored in externally onto the converter or click on Add Files to upload the files.

stream to xbox

Step 2. Start streaming

Then go to the "Stream" pane, which is on the right side of the program. Here find and select your Xbox One device and hit the "Stream" button.

watch video on xbox one

Step 3. Control the playback

There'll be a pop-up window upon where you can control the playback. For example, you can control the volume and other playback options of the display from either the media player panel or your controller.

convert video for xbox one

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Method 2: DLNA Streaming

You’ll need to pre-install Xbox Video for streaming video on your Xbox One console. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Xbox One’s store. Your Xbox One will be basically the receiver and the downloaded app will activate the receiver’s function on your console. On top of that, you’ll need to have a DLNA-compatible device because the device will act as the controller.

The DNLA app on your device might have already been preinstalled depending on your brand and model of device. You’ll need to activate as well as give your permission to share the device’s contents through the DLNA server in the Setting’s menu. Stream-able contents can also be restricted to only files on the device. Most importantly, ensure that both of your Xbox One console and the DLNA-compatible device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you would like to stream contents from a cloud-based storage or other remote locations, have a look into Skifta.

Method 3: Upload to OneDrive (also known as SkyDrive)

This is considered to be a more direct approach or method for watching videos on your Xbox One. Instead of streaming the contents from your external storage or hard drive, you can upload your videos onto OneDrive or SkyDrive’s account. It’s similar to Google’s Cloud or Apple’s iCloud, web-based storage concept. Simply sign up for an account (if you do not have one) and then transfer or upload your videos.

After that, download the OneDrive or SkyDrive’s app onto your Xbox One console. What’s next? Just log-in to your account from Xbox One and then select what video you’ll like to watch for the day. You can easily store other things such as documents, music, photos and much more and then access them directly on the console.

Method 4: AllShare Cast Mirroring on Android Devices

AllShare Cast is a function that comes pre-installed onto Android-based devices. It can be accessed and activated in the Setting’s Menu (slightly different depending on brand and model of device). Activating or turning this function gives you the same, or if not similar convenience to the other two methods mentioned above.

Please make sure that Your Xbox One console is connected to the same network as your Android-based device to enable screen mirroring. Otherwise, your console will not be detected on the device. After that, simply watch or playback any video file on your device and you’ll be able to view it on your console. If you need to access videos from your external storage or hard drive, all you have to do is just transfer them to your Android-based device.

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