The best SJCAM video converter you should try

Part 1:Why people need a SJCAM video converter?

The SJCAM is a great way to get action video shots; however when you need to edit the file format is not compatible which can cause problems. This means you will need an SJCAM video converter so that the files can be opened and edited from H.264 to FCP MOV. When you have a video you need to edit, you don’t want to have to worry about having to import it and this is where an SJCAM video converter can come in handy.

Part 2:The best SJCAM video converter

When you are looking for an SJCAM video converter you want to get the most from your software. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has been shown time and time to be the best of the bunch by the numerous positive customer reviews.

The Wondershare SJCAM video converter has been deemed the best due to its speed and ease of use. The conversion speed allows you to get started on editing faster than ever before and also increases the entertainment options that your computer usually has available. You can choose the format so that the videos will play on your chosen devices and there are even default settings for Android and Apple products. All popular devices are supported as well as many others.

Part 3:Steps to convert any video with SJCAM video converter

To convert SJCAM video to any video format you can follow the instructions below:

  • Launch the Video Converter on your chosen device
  • load the video you wish to convert in the program by dragging it into the main interface or use the ‘add files’ option which will allow you to choose the video you want from the file explorer
  • Select the format tab and select the format you wish to use depending on your needs. For better quality many choose the HD to increase the resolution. This can be found in the ‘HD’ tab from where you can select your preferred option.
  • When the format has been chosen and selected you will need to specify where you wish the completed file to go. This will automatically be the Wondershare Video Converter output folder unless you wish to choose a different location.
  • When the settings have been altered to suit your preference you can then begin converting the video. This can be easily achieved by selecting the ‘Convert’ button. You will be able to find the converted file in your chosen location. If you have not chosen one you will find it in the ‘Output’ folder.

Part 4: How to burn SJCAM video to DVD with SJCAM video converter

  • Run the SJCAM video converter, and load your SJCAM video
  • Edit the SJCAM video (Optional)
  • Setting the template and other details
  • Click burn

Part 5:More about SJCAM

There are two versions of the SJCAM Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate available, the trial version and the paid version. The trial version has its limitations but will give you an idea of the great things you can expect from the product. With the paid version you are able to convert videos in output formats of 150 minimum. With the trial version you are only be able to convert a 1/3 of that.

When it comes to burning videos you can only burn a 1/3 of videos to DVD where the paid version allows you to burn the full length. This product allows you to download your videos from over 1000 websites when you purchase the full version, but with the trial you will only have access to download capabilities from up to 5.

You can use the product to stream videos straight to your TV without restriction unless you have the trial version which will only allow you to download 5 minutes maximum before you have reached your limit. An example of this would be a video downloaded from YouTube; it is only available if you have the full version.

Technical support is only available to people that have paid for the product, but once you have tried the product you will be able to purchase the full version. This is something that the majority of people do due to them seeing the potential despite the trials restrictions.

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