Lg TV video converter--Convert and stream any video to your LG TV

Part 1: A Complete Video Watching Experience with LG TV Video Converter

We are living in an era of smart gadgets and devices and TV sets are no different than this. The modern TVs are all smart, sleek and advanced. Once can do a whole lot of stuffs in their TVs like watching movies and videos, accessing internet, watching photos, listening to music and many more. Talking about TVs, we all know that LG is one of the good companies. It is always a fun to watch videos on LG TV but the problem comes with the video format. Not all formats are supported by the TV. Hence, in this article we will try to discuss about how to play videos and how to convert videos for LG TV.

Part 2:Play video on LG TV

If we consider the official features of LG TV, it can play video formats like MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid through USB. But in reality, many of us have to face difficulty playing these video formats. It often shows that the file is not supported. So, what is the solution then to play the videos? Well the surefire way is to convert the videos to LG TV video format and here in this article, we will talk about the solution – how a video file can be converted easily for LG TV.

Part 3: Convert videos for LG TV

Now, here a very obvious question arises that is which particular converter to use for the conversion! There are a number of converters available on the internet which can become confusing at times. So, the surefire way to go with this is the LG TV Video Converter. This may not be hugely popular like any other video converted but still when it comes to LG TV, the safest bet is the LG TV converter.

  • i) The first step is to download the LG TV Video Converter. You can find a number of sources on the internet but before downloading the video converter, we should have a look at the genuineness of that site. If you find the site genuine, you can go for the download.
  • ii) In the next step, you will have to make the installation. The process is very easy and simple and will take less time. Once the installation is done, open the set-up file and click on the ‘run’ button. This will extract the files and install your software.
  • iii) In the next step. You need to select the video that you want to convert. Select the upload button, this will ask you to select files from the storage. Select the file that you want to convert and then add to the covert list.
  • iv) Select the output format as TVS-LG TV before clicking the ‘convert’ button. Once selected, you need to click on the ‘convert’ button.
  • v) And in the final step, you need to transfer the video to your LG TV. You can do that via USB and enjoy the video.

Part 4: Stream video with chromecast

Well, the above mentioned process is a bit more conventional and time consuming as well. The improvement of technology has come up with solutions through which you can enjoy any video on your LG TV. How is that possible? Here are the steps:

  • i) In the very first place, you need to ensure whether your TV has DLNA or UPnP. If it is not there in your TV, you can buy a googlechromecast. Connect the device with your TV.
  • ii) Once successfully connected, this will ask you to run the software. And after that, you need to click on the media server.
  • iii) Now load the file that you want to play and check for the connection. If the connection is good, you can enjoy the video without any problem.

Part 5: Added features of LG TV converter

Unlike many other video converters, LG TV video converter comes with some fantastic features for the convenience of the users. If you want to make DVD of any video or movie, you can easily burn the file to DVD. The function is absolutely flawless and it works at a very good speed. Want to download videos from youtube and looking for a reliable software? Well, you can use this LG TV converter. It can download youtube videos at lightening fast speed. You can also edit videos using this software. Hence, for a complete video watching experience, this is the right tool for you.

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