How to watch any 360 videos or 3D content in Oculus video on Samsung Gear VR

Way1: Convert 360 video or 3D video to Gear VR format.

It is really an interesting task to convert ordinary videos into 3D content and some latest tools make this task much easier. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is one of the most popular software for achieving fast conversion between 360 videos or 3D content. Users are free to take a trial for performance of this software tool by using its free trial version for Window devices whereas it is much beneficial to get access to the full paid version that works perfectly for Mac as well as Window devices.

Steps to play 360 degree videos on Gear VR:

  • Step 1: First of all, users are advised to visit official website of this software tool and download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate tool for their device.
  • Step 2: Now it is time to launch or import your desired 3D content or 360 video file onto software window. This task can be completed with two easy to follow methods: either you need to hit the add files option on your screen so that file explorer can be opened and desired video file can be selected directly whereas the second most commonly used method allow users to easily drag files onto software window.
  • Step 3:Now it is time to set the video mode as per need of your device; as there are numerous modes available for video files so it is good to grab proper information first and then select your desired mode type.
  • Step 4: Next task for users is to choose the output file format type for device – VR Samsung Gear. The labeling task for VR gear videos are performed automatically in this software tool so users are advised not to rename files after conversion operation.
  • Step 5:Once your conversion is complete then next task is to transfer 360 videos to your personal portable device from where you can get connected to gear VR easily.
  • Step 6:The transferred video file can be played on respective file format supporting devices.
  • It is now much easier to access your 360 or 3D video content on Samsung VR Gear as wondershare converter tool assists in easy synchronization.

Way2: Labeling 360 video and transfer to Gear VR for watching

A. Download and Install:

First of all, you need to download the Oculus Video Application on your smartphone and get it installed. Oculus is easily available online but you need to connect your device with Wi-Fi network to avail an easy access.

B. Labeling Your 360 Videos:

The labeling task for 360 videos is performed using spherical mapping technique; in order to make your file compatible with your VR Gear, never forget to put _360 at the end of your video file name so that its format becomes recognizable. A common example for this file name type is: File_360.mp4.

C. Labeling 360 Panoramic Videos:

When you are working on 360 panoramic videos then it becomes necessary to get a support for left-right, top-bottom, right-left and bottom-top stereophonic videos and it is possible only if you rename then to specific file type.

The labels that users need to edit to their 360 panoramic videos in order to access them on VR gear are:

  • _30_TB.mp4 or _TB.mp4 – That stands for Top/Bottom 3D files.
  • _360_BT.mp4 or _BT.mp4 – It stands for Bottom/Top type 3D files.
  • _360_LR.mp4 or LR .mp4 – Left/ right side by side 3D.
  • _360_RL/mp4 or _RL.mp4 – 3D Right/ Left.

D. Transferring 360 Videos:

The time when you succeed in labeling your desired video to required file format then next task is to transfer converted videos to Oculus platform. Simply copy your desired video files from computer to other location as:

  • Internal storage of Phone’s
  • Removable SD card type storage of device.

Those who are using windows computer systems will be able to get direct access to their videos by using windows explorer services. Without any additional software tool for plugging in, you can easily get your data with USB type connection between both devices. In case of Mac devices, it is good to use software that is available online.

E. Enjoy your Videos:

Once all your favorite videos get transferred to VR gear supporting devices then it is right time to play and enjoy for hours.

How to watch any 360 videos or 3D content in Oculus video on Samsung Gear VR

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