How to Fix Computer can’t Connect to WiFi

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Some Windows 10 users have been having a tough time warding off the bugs and errors after their upgrade. When computer can't connect to WiFi, it can become frustrating because it will affect some daily work. However, using some simple troubleshooting techniques can solve this problem. WiFi is to use the internet connection through wireless medium, and is the most preferred method to avail internet services when one is in a public place. WiFi requires you to have the driver installed, and today, more or less, every laptop device comes with the functionality of WiFi. So, what how to fix computer can't connect to WiFi? In this article, we will address the issue from the perspective of Windows 10 users.

Windows 10 can't connect to WiFi:

Firstly, we shall make an effort to address the basic errors behind Windows 10 not being able to offer any internet connectivity. When we got in touch with experts at Microsoft, we learnt that the problem to the VPN connections present on computer that were upgraded to Windows 10 was persisting. This was due to the upgrade that was made during active VPN software to Windows 10. However, the problem isn't restricted to software programs but also goes out to hardware which might be incompatible with Windows 10 and thus user can't connect to WiFi.

How to fix a computer can't connect to WiFi step 1

We need to ensure that the WiFi is set to on. To check this, we open Settings>Network & Internet> WiFi, and move the slider over the "˜On' position. However, please make sure that the physical WiFi button on the keyboard is not turned off.

One can take this alternate route too in which you have to right click on the Start button and open the WinX menu. You can now select the device manager. Clicking on Action Tab and selecting "˜Scan for Hardware changes' would refresh the list.

How to fix a computer can't connect to WiFi step 2

WiFi not available in the list of Networks after Windows 10 Upgrade:

For the ones who weren't using VPN software during their upgrade to Windows 10, the issue could lie with the router. One has to check if the router is broadcasting the SSID, and this can be done by performing the following steps:

How can I remove VPN using the Windows Command Prompt?


Can't Connect to WiFi because Internet Connection Password is Incorrect:

Are you typing the right password for you WiFi? Turns out, many users miss out on this basic step while troubleshooting their networking connections when they face the issue where they can't connect to internet. Here is how you can resolve the issue:

How can I change the Password?


When one can't connect to WiFi, it can be very difficult to get the job done, and therefore, there is a need for proper mechanism in place that can help you resolve the errors related to your WiFi. However, if you are still unable to resolve the error, you should connect with your router manufacturer, as there might be some error with the router or Ethernet connection. WiFi troubleshooting is not that difficult as one can employ the Windows troubleshooter to do the job as well. Saying that, it would only assist you in detecting the problem, and not fix the problem if it happens to be extensive in nature, and thus, you should look to choose one of the methods listed above. If you have discovered an alternate way to fix the issue when one can't connect to WiFi, let us know in the comments section.

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