Make a Quiz with Test Generator to Enhance Teaching and Study

There you are, creating test quiz on paper, thinking hardly about the test content, trying to make your quiz as interesting as possible. Actually, it doesn't have to be so. The traditional way of taking exam is changing. You can make a quiz with test generator to help you work efficiently and effectively, saving a lot of time on formats.

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QuizCreator - A helper for Teachers and Students

QuizCreator is a powerful test generator tool, it helps you turn paperwork into online quiz. If you are a teacher, you will surely find this test maker amazing, for it can facilitate your teaching. You needn't make much effort to grade piles of paper. Quiz Creator will do the assessment for you automatically. However, if you are a student, you can easily measure your study online with free online quiz maker, whenever and wherever you are. That is really fantastic.

Take Wondershare QuizCreator for example, you can view a quiz sample made by this test builder to track students' study for teachers.

Key Features of QuizCreator to Make a Test Easily.

1. Built-in form-based editing mode.

With built-in form-based editing mode, Wondershare online test generator helps you make a quiz quickly and easily like filling a form. It provides 9 question types, including Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank and Sequence. You can just choose your preferable quiz type, and then enter questions and answers to generate your own quiz.

2. Player Template.

You can choose your preferable template, set the properties and apply it to your quiz. in this way, you surely will be satisfied with the finished online quiz.

Improve Teaching Quality with Free Test Generator

You can insert image, sound and movie in the quiz to make your test quiz engaging on top menu. For students, scientists find that multimedia makes much sense in attracting students' attention. Students can enjoy the pleasure of learning instead of burying themselves in books. While for teachers, it is a great way to improve teaching quality.

You can also customize the font, size, background, etc. of your quiz. Besides, after generating the quiz, you can set the feedback by question, or by answer. Looking at your desired quiz, you will have a feeling of fulfillment.


Since this test generator brings you so much benefit, you must can't help to generate your own test quiz!

Free Download Wondershare QuizCreator & Enjoy its Great Power!

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