Create Funny Quiz - Share Fun with Your Friends and Family

Quiz 1: Where can a dog get another tail?

Quiz 2: What room has no walls, no doors, no windows and no one to live in? (The answers are at the end of the article)

We must have taken some fun quizzes online like that. Sometimes we are asked to take such quiz to test our capability, personality, or to consolidate our learning. That is really an interactive way to learn through playing.

Here we can see some samples of quiz games online made by Funquizcards.

fun quiz

However, have you ever tried to make a quiz by yourself? You needn't just be a quiz taker; you can be your engaging fun quiz designer. Well, how to make a quiz? Wondershare QuizCreator, the best fun quiz maker, can provide ways to make free online fun quizzes. Moreover, it is designed user-friendly. The whole process is absolutely easy and you can complete it in just few minutes. Create funny quiz questions; upload them on web; and share with your friends, you will be fascinated by bringing happiness to others with your great wisdom!

Let's go directly to learn how to build a quiz for fun with Wondershare QuizCreator. Just follow my steps.

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Step 1: Find interesting topic.

Before making the quiz, you need to make clear about your interested fun quiz topic. And then list the questions and answers.

Step 2: Open the quiz edit window.

You can free Download Wondershare Quiz Creator and launch the program to open the quiz edit window.

Step 3: Create a quiz.

You can type the questions and answers you have prepared in the quiz blank. Don't forget to insert image, sound or movie into your quiz, which will make your quiz interface more appealing.

Step 4: Share the quiz.

If you are satisfied with the finished fun quiz, just publish it on web or CD/EXE or QuizCreator online to share with your friends and family.

Step 5: Track quiz result and generate reports.

Apart from learning how to make a quiz, you must also care the result of the quiz. Wondershare Quiz Creator provides three ways to tract result, e-mail, LMS and QMS.

For example, if you are interested in Justin Bieber. You must know a lot about him. You can check the following quiz sample to enjoy yourselves.

Isn't it a wonderful fun quiz maker? Can't help making your own quiz to astonish your friends? Just get Wondershare Quiz Creator Now!

Answer 1: At a retail store.

Answer 2: A mushroom

Free Download Wondershare QuizCreator & Enjoy its Great Power!

Download Win Version

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