How to Replace iPhone 4/5S/5/4S/3GS/3G Rear Camera

A group of people said "my iPhone rear camera won't focus". Sorry to tell you that I'll not offer any solution for this, because it's a problem I, even some geeks, can't solve. When encountering the problem, you should give feedback to Apple. This article only focuses on how to replace rear camera on 4/5/4S/5S/3GS/3G when the rear camera is damaged.

iPhone 5S/5/4S/4/3GS/3G Rear Camera Replacement and Tools You Need

  • iPhone rear camera replacement (buy one)
  • #00 Phillips screwdriver ($5.95, buy one)
  • Spudger tool ($2.95, buy one)
  • Plastic opening tool ($2.95, buy one)
  • SIM eject tool (Your iPhone comes with it, you don't need to buy it)
  • Screen removal suction cup ($2.95, buy it)

Note: Instead of choosing tools one-by-one, you might like to buy a tool kit, which includes almost all the tools you need to fix iPhone. If you're worry about mixing up screws or iPhone parts, you should find a screw tray to place screws and label iPhone parts.

DIY: Video Tutorials for How to Replace iPhone Rear Camera

DIY: Video Tutorial for How to Replace Rear Camera on iPhone 5S

Steps for How to Do iPhone 4 Camera Replacement

  • Section 1. Do the first thing first - Power off iPhone 4

  • Section 2. Remove the 2 screws on either side of dock connector port.

  • Section 3. Slide the rear panel toward the top edge with a little strength.

  • Section 3-1. Separate rear panel from your iPhone. You can make use of a plastic opening tool to pry up the rear panel.

  • Section 4. Remove the two screws (there is only 1 screw for some iPhone 4) that securing the battery.

  • Section 4-1. Use the spudger to pry the battery connector up. Don't lose the little clip under the connector.

  • Section 4-2. Use a plastic opening tool to pry up battery to loosen the adhesive. And then pull the plastic tab to get battery off your iPhone

  • Section 5. Use SIM eject tool to eject the sim card and its holder. Remove them from your iPhone.

  • Section 6. Remove the 2 screws and the dock connector cable cover.

  • Section 6-1. Pry up the dock cable connector and remove it from the logic board.

  • Section 7. Peel the dock cable off the logic board to the side, but DON'T tear it down totally.

  • Section 8. Use spudger to peel the cellular antenna connection and unwrap it from the metal clip.

  • Section 9. Remove the screw.

  • Section 10. Remove the 5 srews on the top securing Wi-Fi antenna cable cover.

  • Section 10-1. Use a plastic opening tool to pry up the top edge of the Wi-Fi antenna cable cover.

  • Section 10-2. Remove the Wi-Fi retaining clips from the inner frame. And then remove Wi-Fi antenna cable cover.

  • Section 11. Pry up the camera cable, removing it from the logic board.

  • Section 11-1. Pinch the rear camera and remove it from your iPhone 4. Place iPhone rear camera replacement here. And reassemble your iPhone in the reverse order.

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