Which format is better, M2TS VS MP4

M2TS is a format that is used for multiplex audio and video formats. The most common streams that are the best known for this format support are the Blu-Ray DVD and the AVCHD format for the camcorders. This format or the extension is very large in size and normally it is never recommended to get this format for sharing with friends as the size is too large. MP4 on the other hand is a format that is that has been standard specified as a part of MPEG-4. The extension is used with all the files that are MPEG-4 and contain both audio and video codec embedded within them. It is very popular format among the users due to its small size and a wide range of players that support it.



There are certain features which both of the formats mentioned above have and for the same reason it is very important to distinguish them. The details will be mentioned below:


It is a file extension that is used for the development of the blu-ray disk as well as the avchd format that is used in the camcorders. The container that is associated with this filename extension is MPEG-2 transport container. Again this container is associated with the blu ray and the camcorder extensions in this regard. It is also known as BDAV container format and for the same reason it is associated with other storage devices as well DVD, hard drives and the solid state drives.


The byte packet size is also increased by at least 4 bytes to make sure that the standard is met. Advanced access content system is also used by the developers and the manufacturers of the Blu ray disk to make sure that the data is encrypted and the best result is displayed in this regard. There are number of players that can be used to make sure that the m2ts format is played and it is also to be noted that the players that support the format often are designed in such a way to make sure that the best is provided to the user as their design also makes sure that the decrypted and encrypted data is also supported. The most important and well known players that are used in this regard are VLC, Pot Player and All player. Xtreme players, Sony PS3 and the Sony Bravia TV’s are the ones that also support the file extension.


It is one of the most common formats that mainly support audio and video formats but other formats can also be used to make sure that the advantages of MP4 are enjoyed. Still images and the subtitles are also some of the other forms of media that are supported by the MP4 format. It is the most common container that is considered as the latest one due to the fact that it not only supports internet streaming but the size is also too small that the sharing with friends and other people is easy.


MP4 is also used as one of the main formats that WM player supports. The other advantage that is considered to be of vital importance is that the most of the players support the format and no special players are required unlike m2ts. The players that support the format are known as MP3 players and it is a common fact that most of the players that are being developed by the companies all over the world have mp3 functionality embedded within them and for the same reason the MP4 format is not difficult to play at all. The first edition of the format was launched in the year 2001 and the more stable release was launched in the year 2003 and it is the one that is being used till now with only a bit of modifications but the container terminology and the related definitions remain the same.

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